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Assembly Language Subroutines Lance A. Leventhal Winthrop Saville OSBORNE/McGraw-Hill Berkeley, California Disclaimer of Warranties and. Assembly Language Subroutines. The authors and the publisher apparently assume that if you don’t know which computers use the microprocessor. assembly language subroutines / Lance A. Leventhal, Winthrop Saville. Subjects: Assembly languages (Electronic computers) ยท (Microprocessor) > .

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Free Uk delivery on all gifts Or you can add a donation at checkout Personalise your gift at checkout Add a personal message, ecard or card front Add a ‘Little Extra’ at checkout Add-on gifts available including chocolate! The result in laguage A and Y is invalid. Pages are clean with no shbroutines, marks or highlights. The Zero flag will be set to 1 if the values are equal. On the other hand, an output device normally starts out in the ready state, that is, it could accept data but the computer usually has none to send it.

The programmer can also use index registers X and Y for this pur- pose. Test bit 5 of the accumulator. Load the Carry flag with the data from bit 7 of the input port assigned to memory address 33A5 I6. In fact, it may require either a brief pulse or a long signal that assebmly until the periph- eral begins its next operation.

All subscripts are assumed to begin at zero; otherwise, the user must normalize the subscripts see the second example at the end of the listing.


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azsembly The following are alterna- tive implementations: Increment and decrement instructions do, however, affect the Zero and Negative flags; you can use the effect on the Zero flag to determine whether an increment has produced a carry. Page and cover wear. Compare stack pointer with the contents of memory location ADDR.

You must save a copy in memory. Of course, peripheral chips perform fewer lznguage functions than processors and the range of func- tions is limited.

Jump tables are another common source of errors. The data direction register does not affect what data flows or how often it changes; it only affects the direction.

Increments and decrements, however, produce binary results regardless of the mode.

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This convention is also used in thebut the obvious alternative last occupied location is used in the, Z, and microprocessors. Cookies on oxfam We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our website.

Set the Zero flag if the two operands are equal and clear it otherwise. If you use a common area of memory, you lose reentrancy. In no event shall the authors or the publishers be liable for incidental or consequential damages in con- nection with or arising out of the furnishing, performance, or use of any of these programs.


In the 4 bits controlling a particular port, the only requirement is that bit must be to allow recognition of a high-to-low transition on control line 1.

Sometimes you can confuse the assembler by entering invalid instructions. subroutins

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Then you can replace those sequences with calls to the langguage program as long as the return is handled properly. Exit Conditions Binary data in the accumulator. You could similarly change one control line for example, a line that determined whether motion was in the positive or negative X-direction without affecting other con- trol lines attached to the same port.

Set flags according to the value in memory location ADDR without changing that value. The first three chapters are tutorial, on General Programming Methods with a quick summary for experienced programmersImplementing Additional Instructions and Addressing Modes how to add themand Common Programming Errors.

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The program becomes simpler if we reduce the base addresses by 1. That is, such service routines should execute CLD before performing any binary addition or subtraction. Weller 1 describes the definition of macros to replace the missing instructions.