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Actix for LTE. 1. Analyzer LTE March Training Course; 2. Analyzer LTE Training 2 The content of this manual is provided for information. Rent, lease or buy the Desktop Post-Processing Software (Actix Analyzer) from Livingston. Analyzer is a desktop solution for expert drive test post-processing, . Post Processing the Field data/Logs Out Lines * Part Customize Actix to map” without map area limitation s >Opening Log File in Actix Open Actix Analyzer.

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After Open the Log files complete: Selected Event will appear in the map.

It automates identification, analysis and diagnosis of common issues and provides detailed ad hoc analysis capabilities of the uncommon ones. Geo-references RF measurements and events and visualizes venue layout.

Also anzlyser is another options if you right click on specific Layer like changing the size of sample by clicking attribute style. The data is normalized, so the same analysis works across different data sources.

Click here to sign up. Signal strength of each sector by RSCP 3. Data services analysis Enables anaoyser analysis for finding the cause of service performance problems and understanding when and where network features were available and used.

Cross connection by Serving cell ID plots in Idle mode. Lets say we have a log file acyix the RxLev of that log file as below picture. Using Analysis Manager we can Manage the Log processing according to the requirements of the report for both binning data, cross Tab data, for Filtering, managing repository etc.


Or you can check if there is any cross connection over the site by check the SCs according to their 3dB beam direction. Also later you can use this Network Image without loading Logs or you can add more logs if you want by same procedure. Enables validation of the indoor network and its interaction with the macro network. Analyzer is the most reliable and trusted tool on the market for helping operators troubleshoot problems.

ACTIX Analyzer 5.5 license(lservrc), support LTE, actix V5.5.324.799

Which is shown in the next Page. The ability to define and measure a rich set of KPIs is essential to acceptance reporting. Out of the box performance reports: Cross connection by SC plots in Idle mode. The industry leading desktop solution, Analyzer actlx advanced drive test survey analytics.

Download ACTIX ANALYZER Cr**k Version

Filter option can be helpful if you have big size of logs butyou need to see the specific cell or sites data on plot or on histogram or on statistics.

We also select this because we have 2 MS in our log file by which we are going to prepare report. Right click on the attribute and display on map or on chart or workbook whatever you want. Select the setting as you want, better is location as below settings.


Actix – Analyzer

Coverage distribution by SC plots by scanner data. Remember me on this computer.

After Loading of the Log files complete, then We can see all the required attributes and queries are ready in the attribute explorer window at left site. After that RSCP will appear in the map as shown here in left.

Achix responsive technical support and product maintenance services come as standard with Analyzer. Help Center Find new research papers in: RxQual sub will appear in the map.

Defines and measures any KPI. Then PSC will appear in the map as shown here at below. SQI will appear in the map. And then see the map window, RxLev samples from other serving cells disappeared and RxLev from filtered cell existed only.

Actix Analyzer Drive Test Analytics

Quickly creates validation and acceptance reports that establish coverage, quality and capacity for acceptance of network improvements. Signal Quality of entire cluster. Which is shown in next page.

The purpose of using Network Image of Actix is for post processing a huge size of Log file specially for big cluster or city or country wise data.

Video call statistics etc….