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Find the latest prices for Agusta AW for sale at View great pictures & videos, full specifications and user reviews. The AgustaWestland AW is one of the most modern and efficient helicopters in the world. The AW provides unparalleled mission flexibility and. The AgustaWestland AW boasts the best speed, ride quality, quietness, and passenger cabin space in its class. Active noise-cancellation headphones are.

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AW – DETAIL – Leonardo – Aerospace, Defence and Security

Leonardo-Finmeccanica AgustaWestland – Italy. AgustaWestland21 December The undercarriage is wholly-retractable and includes pair of single-wheeled main legs along with a two-wheeled nose leg.

The AW features a modular agustawesstland cockpita commonly-installed feature being the four-axis autopilot, which enables functions such as auto-hover capability. The AW serves as the basis for AgustaWestland’s wider business strategy, under which it aims to produce a standardised family of helicopters with common design features.

AW lifting a sports car. Archived from the original on 7 August National and European Programmes. The initiative also produced the developmental BA, a tilt-rotor, civilian-minded passenger transport concept. Passengers and mission operators benefit from the largest, most comfortable cabin in the intermediate twin-engine class.


By Maythe AW had received in excess of orders worldwide. Filling The Market Gap.

The AWM is equipped with a high definition forward-looking infrared FLIRself-protection system, heavy-duty landing gear, and has low thermal and acoustic signatures; a significant proportion of the equipment is sourced from American manufacturers. Retrieved 7 February The AW was the first of this group, and as ofit was to be joined by the larger AW and AWaimed at military and agustawestkand customers respectively.

The sharing of components and design philosophies is intended to simplify maintenance and training for operators; commonality also lowers the production costs.

Leonardo – Aerospace, Defence and Security

NI peer among Norfolk helicopter crash dead”. The AW is a conventional twin-engine multi-role helicopter.

Outwardly, the AW is a decidedly AgustaWestland design with its low-set nose assembly, large window panes and high-mounted tail stem. The Irish Air Corps was the first military operator of the type, having taken delivery of its first AW, of a batch of six, in August Designed to meet the rigorous standards of those who demand the best. Areas covered include general ratings, aa139 assessments, and relative ranges based on distances between major cities.


AgustaWestland AW – Wikipedia

Retrieved 14 December November – Abu Dhabi Aviation has signed a deal with Leonardo to continue support of its various SAR and medical service helicopters. The AWs, deliveries of which are expected inwill be used to perform search-and-rescue SAR operations across the country.

The AW is marketed as a medium-lift helicopter for military customers no customers as of October and the AW is a similar medium-lift class system though intended for the civilian passenger market in development as of October Relative Maximum Speed Rating.

In this configuration, the IGW 7. It was promoted at the US market, including for the U. Archived from the original on 25 September Archived from the original on 28 July Download the leaflet to find out more on the IGW 7.

Jane’s Defence Data, AgustaWestland17 February Archived from the original on 8 March Gajetti, Marco and Paolo Maggiore.