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Hi Gang! Found another useful Retro computing PDF – this time it’s The AmigaDOS manual 3-in-1 reference guide from The AmigaDOS. The AmigaDOS Manual Bantam Computer Books Ask your bookseller for the books you have missed THE AMIGADOS USER’S MANUAL by Commodore-. Buy AMIGA DOS MANUAL 3RD ED (The Bantam Amiga library) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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However, directories may themselves contain further directories. PROG is the source aimgados. The special characters are: To see the level at which you are currently positioned in your directory tree, you use the command: You can use the DIR command with one of its options: The filing system searches for files in this current directory.

This is called “word wrap. The initial stack size that is, bytes is only suitable for small files of less than lines or so. A pattern consists of a number of special characters with special meanings, and any other characters that match them.

LIST examines and displays amiggados information about a file amigadks directory. These will be discussed in following sections. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Matches any single character.

Most immediate commands have a matching extended version. Shell windows open on the Workbench screen and are similar to other Workbench windows, except that Shell windows only display text.

AmigaDOS provides information about all files in the current directory, including how large each amigadoe is, whether it may or may not be deleted, whether it is a file or a directory, and the date and time of its creation.


If the execution creates a new CLI window, the results may not be identical to typing at the keyboard. To undo the last change, you use the U command. ED ignores margin settings while you are exchanging text.

AmigaDOS manual

The second way is to define a default once. This ensures that newer versions of files have more recent dates, even though the actual time and date will be incorrect.

The name assigned should be unique.

Until the restart process has completed this job, you cannot create files on the disk. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Useful reference – The AmigaDOS manual – 3-in-1 – PDF Download

You can specify empty strings by typing two delimiters with nothing between them. Its trademark, consisting of the words “Bantam Books” and the portrayal of a rooster, is Registered in U. ALL deletes all the files on DF You can also replace the directory FROM with a pattern. ED verifies the screen after each command. Later, when you are more familiar with the system, the paragraph titles shown below will serve to refresh your memory. You should use leading zeros when necessary.

The M command is a quick way of reaching a known position in your file. WAIT waits for, or until, a specified time. The CLI ignores everything after the semicolon. KEY statement is allowed per command file. Code by Stephen Morley. In this sense, the CLI is similar to more “traditional” computer interfaces: All the files on the disk are still available even though you’ve set up a current directory.

We’ll add some files later. ED — The Screen Editor 4. If the name is that of a file, typing DEL deletes the file, or typing T Types that is, displays the file on the screen.


To extend margins, you use the EX command.

AmigaDOS manual – AmigaOS Documentation Wiki

Once you are familiar with the commands, and the forms in which you can use them, the quick reference listing at the end of the chapter will be useful to remind you of the commands that are available. Some other systems describe the action as “mov- ing” a file or directory. This directory keeps the overlays for large commands and nonresident parts of the operating system. If the system cannot find the command in the current directory, it then looks for “ODIR”.

Pn sets the maximum number of previous lines to n; Wn sets the maximum line width. READ reads amigxdos from the parallel port or serial line and stores it in mankal file. Note that a second use of. Simply put, it means that you use an “interface” in this msnual a shell window to send commands to the computer which will use this same interface to display results to amnual commands.

Occasionally, you might wish to change to a different diskette and then continue your work. The simplest identifi- cation of a file is by its filename, discussed below in Section 1.