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Da Form What Is It? A DA Form is known as a Sworn Statement. It is used by the Department of the Army. This form serves as a way to legally. Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. A DA Form is a United States Army form for a sworn statement used for a variety of purposes. Sworn statements may be taken in documenting informal.

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Where do I send the DA Form? Once the statement has been recorded and all signatures and initials placed in the proper boxes, the person making the statement must provide the affidavit on the final page of the DA Form By putting their name in box 9, the party 223 swearing under oath that the statement is accurate and truthful.

DA Form 2823, Sworn Statement

This may take a second or two. DA FormSworn Statement The DA Form is used sratement a variety of purposes from documenting informal counseling to recording evidence for an investigation. What is the DA Form for?

After the testimony is neatly written, etatement must be signed by the witness and the interviewer. Either a chronological narrative or the more formal question and answer format may be used.

Once this basic identifying information has been 223, the party giving the statement must write their name in box 9. The DA is provided on demand, for instance as evidence to legal proceedings or as a supporting document when submitting DA Form Close Window Loading, Please Wait!

An investigating officer or board may direct statenent who are subject to Army authority, and request other witnesses, not to discuss their statements or testimony with other witnesses or with persons who have no official interest in the proceedings until the investigation is complete.

DA Form Sworn Statement

Box 9 should be filled out using the words of the declaring party. However, narrative testimony may be used. The information taken on this form can be provided to non-military law armmy agencies. If the witness is unavailable or refuses to sign, the person who took the statement will note, over his or her own signature, the reasons the witness has not signed and will certify that the statement is an accurate summary of what the witness said.


Taking testimony or statements. How do I fill out the DA Form?

Sworn Statement A Sworn Statement is one of the most used forms in various court proceedings and legal proceedings that require stating facts known to a person regarding a certain case and swearing to them. This document will explain to the witness why the information is being collected. These additional pages must statemejt identified and initialed by the party giving the statement.

It is highly important that the statement is neatly written so as to be understood by any other parties that may use the statement. Because filing the DA requires statemwnt witness to report his personal information and the report of the proceedings will be included in the Army system of record from where the information can be retrieved by reference to the name or other personal identifiers, the witness will be furnished a Privacy Act Statement.

We need more examples. Boxes 5 through 8 are used to identify the party that is giving the sworn statement. This document serves as evidence in a formal investigation or as supporting documentation.

An oral statement will be noted in the report either as part of a verbatim transcript or as an enclosure, in the form of a certificate by the officer who provided the Privacy Act statement.

How to Make a Sworn Statement on Form DA 2823

Appendix B provides guidance for preparing Privacy Act statements. Now, this is no longer necessary thanks to a separate paragraph at the end of the document where the person making the statement a declarant must sign off and in this way confirm that he understands the circumstances of providing false information.


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn 0 shares. Likewise, the party taking the statement must sign off on the DA Form Is the DA Form accompanied by other forms?

If any question arises as to the need for a Privacy Act statement, the investigating officer or board will consult the legal advisor, if any, or the servicing JA.

The interviewer must scrupulously avoid coaching the witness or suggesting the existence or nonexistence of material facts. Therefore, its due date is defined separately in each case. The location, date, time, and file number must be placed in boxes 1 through 4 in order to properly file the form and to ensure that it is properly documented under Army regulations. The section providing instruction for filling out the form is quoted below.

The army personnel filing this form must first put the general information surrounding the investigation. The witness may be asked to read, correct, and sign the final statement.

The DA Form is used for a variety of purposes from documenting informal counseling to recording evidence for an investigation.

DA Form Example.

Army Publishing Directorate

Failure to provide truthful information can lead to disciplinary action taken. The party giving the statement must provide on the document their name, social security number, their rank, and contact information.

Aemy, the eligible individuals were supposed to get sworn statements authorized by a notary public or official. Box 9 can be written by the swearing party or it can be written word for word by another party taking the statement. This precaution is appropriate to eliminate possible influence on the testimony of witnesses still to be heard. A Sworn Statement is one of the most used forms in various court proceedings and legal proceedings that require stating facts known to a person regarding a certain case and swearing to them.