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Autocollimators are optical instruments that measure angular displacements and are used to align optical components Autocollimator Principals of Operation. Due to the collimated beam (infinity adjustment) the measurement results are independent from the distance to the object under test. The operating principle is . Auto-collimator is an optical instrument used for measuring small target crossline is therefore visible through the eyepiece thus operating as.

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This setup allows alignment of lasers to its mechanical axis or external sights without the need of an external target with high accuracy and reliability.

Micro-Radian Autocollimator Principles of Operation

MMF series optical mount autodollimator from Siskiyou Corporation provide It consists of an optical head and autocollimaotr bore-diameter adaptor which is inserted into the muzzle of the rifle.

Verification of angular errors of rotary tables, indexing heads, and platforms of machine parts 4. Because the autocollimator uses light to measure angles, it never comes into contact with the test surface. Determination of straightness of machine guide ways. Written by Oren Aharon 21 July This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat Your email address will not be published.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In a second application the basic requirement is to bring the laser and its sight to be aligned with a mechanical mounting interface. princiiple

Electronic and digital autocollimators are used as angle measurement standards, for monitoring angular movement over long periods of time and for checking angular position repeatability in mechanical systems. An electronic autocollimator is typically calibrated to read the actual mirror angle. An autocollimator is an optical instrument for non-contact measurement of angles. Figure 4 illustrates the construction details of a laser collimator. Micro-Radian also offers a visual autocollimator that uses a CCD camera in place of the eyepiece.

It projects a beam of collimated light onto a reflector, which is deflected by a small angle about the vertical plane. Then the autocollomator will be mounted to cancel the parallax between the laser and the LAA, allowing adjustment of the laser to the Autocollimator and than in a similar way as previously explained adjust the sight to the LAA. It is a special form of telescope that is used to measure small angles with a high degree of resolution.


Flatness estimation of machine tables, surface plates, etc. So far the system works principlw with lasers and sights from UV to communication and eye safe lasers of nm although this technology could be further expended to longer wavelengths.

The laser beam is aimed at the target. The following are some of the typical applications of visual autocollimators: A autoocollimator positioned behind the vibrating slit generates an output, which captures both the magnitude and the direction of rotation of the mirror from a central null position.

Because of this special set up, the effective autocollimator aperture for bore sighting applications will exceed mm, these effective aperture conversion is a function of the length of the periscope used. These instruments have a resolution of up to 0.

The optical axis is exactly in line with the mechanical axis of the barrel. A viewing system is required to observe the relative position of the image of the cross-wires. Vernier Calliper Linear Measurement.


This enables the filtering out of stray scattered light, which sharpens the quality of the image? Optical devices Optical metrology Measuring instruments. This new technology achieves better results in a shorter time and without the need of external targets, enabling various sensors and lasers to have their line of sight perfectly aligned.

Click here for a selection of Micro-Radian visual autocollimators. Autocollimtor these applications have a common trait with the original application and that is that a remote external target is necessary in order to perform the line of sights alignment.

The built in autocollimators’ cross is autocollimwtor projected to the sight which will be adjusted to coincide with the projected cross direction. Introduction to Comparators Mechanical comparato Because the human eye acts as the photodetector, resolution will vary among operators. The autocollimation effect and name is derived from the fact that the same telescopic lens is used to project the image and collect its back reflection from a mirror element.

Digital autocollimators are available as stand-alone bench top models, as USB-based models designed for use with a PC autocollinator as optical-head-only models designed for direct integration into OEM systems. Angular measurement of static as well as dynamic systems 2. Therefore, there is a trade-off between sensitivity and measuring range. In the first stage the periscope is deployed to cancel the parallax between the laser and the LAA.


Development in the laser fi eld created a n eed for accurate alignment of a laser beam to its mechanical dat um. Micro-Radian autocollimators are available in both analog or digital “servo” versions suitable for principls high speed, real-time angular monitoring in OEM servo-feedback and pprinciple systems. Please contact us to discuss your particular application.

Priciple are high-precision instruments for measurement of angular reflections.

Laser Autocollimator and Bore Sighting – Novus Light Today

Superior intensity of the laser beam makes it ideal for the measurement of angles of very small objects 1 mm in diameter as well qorking for long measuring ranges that extend to 15 m or more.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Autocollimators may be classified into three types: Autocolllimator such, the autocollimator has a wide variety of applications including precision alignment, detection of angular movement, workint of angle standards, and angular monitoring over long periods. In this application the LAA will be first aligned to a mirror surface representing the mechanical interface. Verification of angular errors of rotary tables, indexing heads, and platforms of machine parts.

Frequently this concept is borrowed to align multiple lines of sight, although there is no iron weapon involved but, laser to sights, or sight to sight.

The autocollimator measures the deviation between the emitted beam and the reflected beam. An autocollimator works by projecting an image onto a autocollimattor mirror and measuring the deflection of the returned image against a scale, either visually or by means of an electronic detector.