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Latest versions of Autronic Autotune & manual tune software. (requires x 32bit code support), All SM3, SM4, EVO9 & Subaru – ECUs, Download. Select Manufacturer “Autronic” Model “SM4”. Refer to Race Studio Configuration user manual for further information concerning the loggers configuration. Autronic SMC Manual ver 6. Software. PC hardware requirements. The calibration and data logging software supplied with Autronic SMC ECU may be used.

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Never connect fuel injectors until the ECU is configured, otherwise the engine may flood with fuel. And that we got the wanted KPA at rpm. Calibration range is in KPa Gauge.

Click here to open MRM Racing SM4 manual |

A engine used for drag racing can use leaner mixtures than an endurance engine. Shows errors recorded in ECU. You will require the following items before attempting to start the engine. You toggle between the two modes by pressing 4. Reconnect throttle position electrical connector. When disabled, the port is not opened.

Also on turbocharged engines with wild camshafts and all other engines where you want to map the fuel delivery against throttle position and ignition against manifold pressure. Values that are different with have a x before them. The engine RPM below which the injectors restart. Throttle opening, ignition retard and the resulting anti-lag no-load RPM must be chosen to produce the best compromise between excessive exhaust temperature and good antilag action.


Sometimes the static load condition is the worst case, wm4 sometimes it is the dynamic, transientload case. Also if the boost is too low a smaller hole should be used.


Used to set the amount of boost above the set point is acceptable before the ECU cuts injectors. This can lead to confusing tuning problems. A small orifice that limits flow.

If there is no empty connector it can share with the fuel regulator or boost gauge. Calibration for idle speed increases immediately following start-up. The tables allow engine speed and engine coolant temperature dependent settings of the boost level controlled by the boost control function.

However, the injection angle will be wrong. Enter for more pre-defined sensors.

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Lets say that the gear ratio on first gear is 8. But on a race engine we want this to be fuelled for best driveability without heat buildup, and without filling the qutronic up with sot.

There are two types of ignition modules available in common use on factory ignition systems. Movement of the throttle over its full travel must not stroke the sensor to its limits of mechanical travel; otherwise damage to the sensor may result. Save graphed data under “Edit-Window”, “Save logged file” menu.

Make sure NO warm up trims are active. The number of degrees BTDC the cylinder pulse trigger edge occurs.


The ECU displays the value in absolute pressure, thus its calibration is not affected by change in barometric pressure. Making changes before all fuel sites are tuned can cause confusing tuning problems. Zoom in out with the arrow keys. So this cell must be properly fuelled so the engine does not get damaged if we happen to end up here.

The X-axis of the table show Engine speed rpm and the Y-axis show Coolant temp. Used for different boost maps on different gears, Traction control and displaying selected gears in the log. Either shorten -ve input lead back to shield or cut wire near connector pin. Injector events Select number of injector events per engine cycle.

At 95 degrees it is reduced by 40 KPA. Idle speed table Idle speed control.

This zutronic table may also be used to increase the idle speed if engine overheating occurs so that engine driven cooling fan efficiency is improved helping to elevate the condition. At the same time an Overboost error condition will be logged in the ECU error history.