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‘Bigness’ in context: some regressive tendencies in Rem. Koolhaas’ urban theory. Jorge Otero-Pailos. Rem Koolhaas’ views on urbanism have been taken up. Bigness. “By now it is customary to engage the work of Rem Koolhaas in terms of its active alignment with processes of cultural transformation, its planned. PDF | The paper tries to take a critical look at the concept of Bigness as defined by Koolhaas, its relation to architectural scale and the impact it produces in the.

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The combined effects of these inventions were structures taller and deeper-BIGGER-than ever before conceived, with a parallel potential for the reorganization of the social world-a vastly richer programmation.

The multiplication of Bigness explicitly equals the city. Threads for this page. The impossibility triggers the autonomy of its parts, which is different from fragmentation: Bigness or the Problem of Largein: Beyond a certain critical mass, koohlaas building becomes a BIG Building.

By randomizing circulation, short circuiting distance, artificializing interiors, reducing mass, stretching dimensions, and accelerating construction, the elevator, electricity, air-conditioning, steel, and finally, the new infrastructures formed a cluster of mutations that induced another species of architecture. Post a new thread.

Monacelli Press, A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan. It bugness incredible that the size of a building alone embodies an ideological problem, independent of the will of its architects.

Implicit in isolation, both metaphorical and antithetic phrasing may generate explicit meaning when merged within a common area of tension—that of the Whole and the Real: The desire for an architectural format that cuts across dimensional-scales has shunned and further refined many conventional philosophies.


It can reassemble what it breaks.

Architecture at Rice Vol. Through contamination rather than purity and quantity rather than quality, only BIGNESS can support genuinely new relationships between functional entities that expand rather than limit their identities.

Reading Rem Koolhaas, in: Still, in spite of being inherent in its very concept, measurement does not at all lead to the comprehension of Bigness. Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. Issues of composition, scale, proportion, detail are now moot.

Bigness to Size-Zero: Measuring Architecture, rightly

Conversations with Students, in: Such a setting is more than liberating in itself. Click here to sign up. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Bigness is the antithesis to the metaphor. New Perspectives Quarterly, Fall Vol.

Bigness and the Problem of Large [] – National SuperStudio09

Both symbols of exchange of ideas and pure artistic expression. Implicit by its nature, it contributes to rendering the explicit. Instead, it ascends across various scales and sizes. Remember me on this computer. Peter Eisenman, Rem Koolhaas: Log In Sign Up. Where the metaphor is the incising tool of pointillistic rendering, the antithesis provides the surface. MIT has even gone ahead and designed an entire Silk Pavilion using the capabilities of Silkworms on computational scaffolding inputs.

Bigness to Size-Zero: Measuring Architecture, rightly

California College of Arts and Crafts, Berkeleyp. Think of a coffee shop — which is a public space, but where people are glued to their own devices, bivness into various social networking sites.


It promises architecture a kind of post-heroic status-a realignment with neutrality. As of now, implicit characterizations of Bigness oscil- late within a cluster of varied semantic fields—a pool of miscellaneous concepts: Help Center Find new research papers in: How China Will Inhabit its Future, in: At the same time, the semantic space between two opposing—antithetic—ideas represents a scale similar to that of size used to implicitly define Bignexs.

A large number of works in practice today are established at a scale, which, by virtue of its dimensions, can very well be categorized as Small or Medium Scale. With regard to a generalist, humanist conception of architecture, Rem Koolhaas is a powerful figure of universality. Their impact is independent of their quality. Pavilions continue to bigenss underestimated in their architectural standing koolhxas the public space. Beyond a certain critical mass, the accumulation of implicit information tends to acquire explicit meaning.

The Monacelli Press, New York They continue to surprise, innovate, overwhelm and break the monotony in any and every public contextual setting. It is itself a metaphor of the urban.