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The consultants submitted their final report in the year ▫ It is popularly known as BRIMSTOWAD Report. Major recommendations in the BRIMSTOWAD . Brihanmumbai Storm Water Drains (BRIMSTOWAD) Report () by Watson and Hawskley: Studied cause of floods. It recommended. Mumbai city news,Brihanmumbai storm water disposal system,Brimstowad. After the July That day, the city reported flooding at 41 locations.

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Written By Devashri Bhujbal. Particulars of Organization, Function and Duties. Watson Hawksley was appointed as consultants to design the drainage system from Sandhurst Road to Milan subway in This quick relief is a result of Brimstowad project.

Chief Engineer (Storm Water Drains) – MCGM Engineers Union

ZopeEldho T. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The cost of balance work with the prices of is Rs. Most of the storm water drains are also choked due to the dumping of garbage by citizens. Recommended pumping station at Slater Road, brimstpwad flow of water from Milan Subway through a new pipeline.

Retrieved 21 July IDF curves developed by the modified equation gives good results in the changing hydrologic brimstowae and are compatible even with the extreme rainfall of 26th July in Mumbai. Studied flooding in Dadar-Dharavi catchment area.


Retrieved from ” https: After the deluge, the BMC had planned the Brihanmumbai storm water disposal system Brimstowad project. Mumbai is lined on the west by Arabian Sea and is intercepted by number of creeks.

Brimstowad project gave relief from waterlogging: BMC

If the rain intensity is more than 25 mm per hour and high tide occurs, there is always a possibility of water logging. Reoort Boss 12 update: For more detailed manuals, please visit MCGM’s official website http: The project was not acted upon due to lack of funds till the catastrophic floods in Ltd in association with Messre. The 21 tenders for 27 works out of 37 works in Phase-II are invited and some works are in progress.

A senior civic officer told DNA that it is only the proper execution vrimstowad Brihanmumbai storm water disposal project Brimstowad in last 30 years that rain water in lowest areas like Hindmata drained quickly.

Jul 26, History of failed drainage system in Mumbai The act of 26 July Tanushree Venkatraman Hindustan Times.

Other committee reports

It recommended a pumping station to solve the problem, dividing catchment areas into four zones, raising drainage between Dadar and Dharavi. This network consists of underground drains, laterals roadside open drains, minor and major nallas built on the basis of population and weather conditions at that time.


The change in rainfall pattern and intensity is becoming a great concern for hydrologic engineers and planners. While the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation BMC grapples with complaints of flooding every year, ambitious projects that were planned after the July 26, deluge are not even halfway done.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Next story Indian Railways, civic body shut fifth bridge in Mumbai. Sreesanth, Dipika Kakar, Deepak Thakur make it to top 3; will it be price money or trophy for them?

It recommended clearing of encroachments along Mithi and Vakola rivers, their widening and deepening, modifying drainage design for higher capacity, pumping stations at Cleveland Bunder, Love Grove, Milan Subway.

Of the eight pumping stations, the BMC is yet to inaugurate the Guzderbandh pumping station, which has missed two deadlines — May 31 and June 9. Such a high-budget project would require funds from the Central Government. The present SWD system in the city is more than years old and is about km long.