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BUZ 73 L. V. 7 A. Ω. TO AB. CSA2. Maximum Ratings. Parameter. Symbol. Values. Unit. Continuous drain current. TC = 28 °C. ID. 7. A. BUZ73 from Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. BUZ73 Datasheet, BUZ73 PDF, BUZ73 Data sheet, BUZ73 manual, BUZ73 pdf, BUZ73, datenblatt, Electronics BUZ73, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, .

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T 8 The transistor is turned off, the input capacitance, however, continues to be discharged. Circuitry and parameter are specified.

The recommended mounting torque for M3 and M3.

BUZ73H MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

During riveting, it has to be observed that the parts will not be deformed and that the bias will be maintained during head formation. The output voltage drops rapidly, as the Miller capacitance is small.

The capacitors and C 2 must form a short circuit at the measuring frequency. Test circuits 26 6. Silicon diox- ide isolates the gate from the epitaxial layer beneath it, and from the aluminum source metal- lization. I am not one for fancy enclosures and would not have bothered with one for this circuit, but it is going to be mounted on the wall of my garage from many years of unattended operation, so I was concerned about protecting it and of course, that it is powered from the AC mains and fastened eatasheet the wall of my garage means that it will be in a metal box.

The bypass switch and resync or reset button are mounted on the enclosure. The output voltage rises slowly, the output current, however, only varies insignificantly.

I dealt with this by shorting the gate, drain, and source leads with a small copper wire that remained in place until the part was completely mounted on the board. The mounting torque should not exceed 60 Ncm with the insulated construction. Quality specifications 34 8. It is available in a wide range of sizes with several possible options: Electrical characteristics 23 3. This letter has no fixed meaning, with the following exceptions: Overview This is a resettable timer and the to circuitry connect it to an 18V to 24V doorbell circuit.


T 5 The transistor is fully conductive and does not yet function as a Miller integrator, but the ex- cess charge in C mimax is already being discharged. During assembly, particularly when passing the screw through the mica washer, it has to be ob- served that this mica washer will not be damaged.

Due to the special chip structure, and the positive temperature coefficient of R os onSIPMOS transistors show no second breakdown across the total range of the maximum ratings. It is designed to be used by people who are not technically inclined. The general handling regulations for electrostatically critical semiconductors must be adhered to.

DS onthis results in a lower resistance value. This voltage is re- duced by a space-charge region formed in the epitaxial layer. Smaller thickness will cause heat sink deformation which is impermissible for the heat transition. The average defect percentage in delivery is generally less than the AQL values. Parameter is the drain-source voltage V DS which has the same rating. The assembly language source file is on this page.

Terms alphabetical 12 4.

Rrb notification pdf

Single row deep groove ball bearings The single row deepgroove ball bearing is the most popular bearing. A basic type number consists of: The current already reaches its maximum value, but the forward loss is still considerably higher than in the saturated condition. This makes it easy to change the timer’s cycle at any time by merely reaching up and pressing the button on the top of the box cover removed for the photograph.


The duty cycle is the same as the one specified for the transistor. Full text of ” siemens:: This means that at I F equal to or less than 0. The gate voltage is virtually constant. A value greater than the gate threshold voltage results in a low-resistive drain- source path.

Parallel operation with gate resistors Parallel operation with separate driver 1.

(PDF) BUZ73 Datasheet download

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Use of information presented on this site for personal, nonprofit educational and noncommercial use is encouraged, but unless explicitly stated with respect to particular material, the material itself may not be republished or used directly for commercial purposes. The transistor blocks the current flow when the drain-source voltage is positive.

BUZ73 데이터시트(PDF) – Siemens Semiconductor Group

No warranties, use datashdet pages at your own risk. Kebon Sirih 4 P. The transistor can be destroyed by even momentary voltage spikes. Thickness and doping concentra- tion of this layer are thus decisive for the blocking capability of the transistor. A comma in the outline drawings and tables as well as in the individual data sheets represents the decimal point. The sign 0 on drawings denotes diameter.