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DATA: An 8” NB Schedule 80 pipe (see Fig. 1A) connects two equipment at nodes 10 and. 30 with an offset of 4′ (i.e., equal to distance between nodes 20 and. Input File: PDS Neutral File .n). Output File: CAEPIPE Model File .mod). PD2CAEPIPE™, the Plant Design-to-CAEPIPE Interface, is a stand-alone program for. CPTOPSTM User’s Manual. MANUALS/CPTOPS/man1/doc1. Issue December, CAEPIPE-to-PIPESTRESS. CPTOPSTM. User’s Manual. Server Version 7.

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Basic Pipe Stress Analysis Tutorial Visit our website — www | Fangfang Zhu –

Enter 5 not caepioe. For example, the title bar of the figure shows Loads on Anchors: The abscissa of the spectrum is the natural frequency or period of the system,and the ordinate, the maximum response. As a result, this riser grows downward producing large bending moments and stresses at and around equipment nozzle at node You must have a zero entry for the Value next to the first Time input.

A summaryis given here. Once a shift near the unknowneigenvalue has been obtained, inverse iteration is used to calculate the eigenvector. If multiplethermal load cases are specified only the first thermal load is used for this operating loadcase.


Once you have a renderedimage, you can use the Zoom All, Zoom in, Zoom out, Turn and other graphics commandson it.

Connected to NodeBy default the hanger is connected to a fixed ground point which is not a part of the pipingsystem. Load cases Load casesClick on this command to select the different load cases for analysis. Other reasons you may caepie to use the Renumbering feature: Thisoption is given here since some piping codes do not clearly state the axial terms inclusion. So, itis a zero length element, i. Many commands to manipulate the image such as zoom, turn, pan andprint are available in this window.


Friction at support is considered in dynamic analysis.

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Carpipe thethumb on the scroll bar to rotate the image, or use the arrow keys on the keyboard. The anchor is now released in the specified directions during hangerdesign.

Since there cannot be any offsets DX, DY, DZ for the hinge node from the previousnode, the cursor automatically moves to the next row.

In many cases the allowable pressure may be conservatively set to theflange rating. The Local Coordinate system caeppe be shown for all the elements while viewing Results.

This can be useful to create nodes for supports or manul forces at intermediate locations. The bend at node 40 now turns into Z direction.

To analyze an existing constant support with a known load, input it as a userhanger with zero spring rate. Ethernet card installed with proper driver files. The Time Varying Load at a node is specified in terms of its direction, units, the associatedtime function and a scale factor. The steps are given below. The corresponding thermal displacement and thermal stress contour plots are given in Fig.


Enter material, section,load mahual press Enter.

Flanged BendBends are often connected to the adjacent pipe sections with flanges. Use some manyal features zoom all, viewpoint, etc. For now, simply start typing the time-value pairs.

Regenerate RegenerateSometimes, owing to multiple edits, the model may be in an indeterminate stage. The Hanger dialog is shown. Cold spring for a straight pipe is input by typing “c” in the Typecolumn or selecting “Cut pipe” from the Element Types dialog. Piping codes do not allow credit for cold spring in stress calculations.

After selecting the section, click on OK and the section properties will be entered in theBeam section dialog. The stiffness values may be left blank. The Guide dialog is shown. For cohesionless soil, Delta is angle of friction between soil and pipe, andKs is Coefficient of horizontal soil stress. The hanger load variation is calculated as: If a shortrange hanger kanual to be designed, check the Short Range check box.

Assume that we want to go from the first figure to the second figure. You can change the printer font from here.