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The story is told by Willie Ashenden, a character who previously appeared in Maugham’s short-story collection Ashenden. A novelist, Ashenden is befriended by. Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham” ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED CAKES AND ALE knew that nothing short of a downright “go. Complete summary of W. Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Cakes and Ale.

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If it had been my own property I should have put it promptly in the kitchen stove. It is not whom you guess at the start. In response to a letter from Walpole inquiring about the association, Maugham denied it: Thomas Hardy was Driffield but with differences. He was something of an mugham. Alroy Kear expected me at one-fifteen at his club in St.

From Cold Comfort Farm to Infinite Jest: ten novels with titles from Shakespeare

Unfortunately he only bellowed with laughter. Besides, he told me to choose my own day, so it could hardly be that he wished me to meet anyone else. Greencourt went down to Mentone for six weeks, but she came back a few days ago.

Driffield Rosie Gann before she married? He was a very good stick to beat the Philistines with. My own heart sank when he led me into the forecastle of a sailing ship or the taproom of a public house and I knew I was in for half a dozen pages in dialect makgham facetious comment on life, ethics, and immortality.


Driffield showed me his accounts last time I was down there.

You have to majgham of your future. I slipped away while the others were having their coffee. She looks as straight as a die.

It was only just that more than one should at his request write a review for a paper with whose editor Roy had got into touch and only natural that the review should be flattering.

Cakes and Ale by W. Somerset Maugham | : Books

It was the dining room and the lunch and the manner which you felt exactly fitted a literary gent of great celebrity but moderate wealth. And Wordsworth and Keats and Verlaine.

They never stinted themselves. As Ashenden recalls his life and his relationship with Driffield, it is Rosie who really comes to life on the page. The dullness of maughwm lives was almost incredible. There is really nothing to be said about it. Quite a character, Armstrong. Galloway was dreadfully upset. The audiobook is extremely well narrated by James Saxon. What lies under the surface of the characters’ behavior? We rather fancy our hock here.

I was not more than three feet away from them and I was terrified lest they should notice me. Though MOM smugly, perhaps calls this a favorite novel of his, it isnt that good when anv is said and done.


Driffield came up to us with bustling geniality. The reader cannot skim a single page-ever. The main character, Ashenden, is connected through space and time with the social world of an ascending author.

Sorry to hear that the pressures of life are getting a little extra-heavy right now, Sergio. Remembering the past, I asked myself curiously what he thought of this grand company, his neatly turned out wife, so com- petent and discreetly managing, and the elegant surroundings in which he lived. His personality doesn’t really come anx.

Cakes and Ale – Wikipedia

Help us improve this article! And this one was absolutely delicious. They rested on me for a while with a meditative look, mild and yet oddly scrutinizing, and then xakes, unmistakably this time, he gave me another wink. Again though we have the tragic case of the person responsible for back-cover blurbs not being up to the job: