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The Cardus Education Survey: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats (Cardus II) is a Canadian report measuring non-government school effects in service of the Canadian. ACSI supports the methodology of the Cardus Education Survey (CES), but we at ACSI do believe the facts gathered lead us to some different sets of. In , the Cardus Education Survey (CES) was released. This report examined the correlation between Christian education motivations and student outcomes.

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Graduate outcomes are described and discussed under three main themes: How do we get there? Christian school graduates marry younger and are more likely to be married than any other group. The data included graduates from schools in all provinces except for Quebecwhich is included separately in the report.

The executive summary of the report highlighted some of the characteristics of non-government school graduates. In addition, respondents were asked the name and location of the high school from which they graduated. The William Voortman Fund is a private foundation in WaterdownOntario, which supports selected Christian organizations, with a focus on education in Ontario.

Cardus is educatikn Canadian think tank “dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture, drawing on more than years of Christian social thought”.

About half educatiin the total sample of Quebec students survey identified themselves as coming from a Catholic independent school. We believe that the law serves the citizenry, enables human flourishing, and advances the common good. These graduates are likely to have stronger families with more children. The survey included questions about academic excellence, spiritual formation, and cultural engagement.

They are developing skills for participation and contribution to their communities and neighbourhoods. Cardus focuses its research in four areas of North American public life: Explore Our Research Programs Education.

Cardus Education Survey

Most of these are Catholic. They were less likely to be divorced or separated, and they were as likely as government school graduates to be living with a partner.


Keep Connected Have the latest news from Cardus Education sent directly to your inbox. Eucation uses this image of the busy street saying, “Cardus’s wide-angle periodicals, policies, and punditry come together for a renewed vision of North American social architecture, up and down the Cardus—the Main Street.

CARDUS Education

Cardus Research projects education and culture. Responses from Quebec participants included graduates of fully government-funded schools, including 22 who labeled their school as Catholic; independent Catholic school graduates; and 67 independent non-religious school graduates. First, in terms of income, there is no significant difference between all the groups compared to government school graduates.

The Latest from Cardus Education November 6, Separate Catholic school graduates, independent Catholic school carduss and independent non-religious school graduates are spread out over high schoolcollegeuniversity undergraduate and master usrveywith the independent non-religious graduate having the highest overall educational attainment.

The small number of home school graduates that were identified puts into question the validity of the sample. Second, they are involved in supporting a political candidate or a party, but less likely to protest because of the full-time work schedule that they have.

This survey included nearly randomly sampled Americans ages 24 to survfy who completed a minute survey. From these responses, participants were sorted into categories of public, separate Catholic, independent Catholic, non-religious carrdus, “Christian,” and home school.

Views Read Edit View history. Government, Separate CatholicIndependent CatholicIndependent non-religious, Evangelical Protestant often called Christian schoolsand religious home education homeschooling families in which the mother regularly attended religious services.

Cardus Education Survey Canada – Wikipedia

Reasons for home schooling in canada. First, Canadian Christian school graduates show a stronger tendency to surevy a master’s degree than American Christian graduates. Christian school graduates and religious home educated graduates are carfus likely to have as their highest educational certification a college diploma rather than a university degree, but when they do go to university, Christian school graduates are more likely to have a master’s degree, and home school graduates are more likely to receive a Ph.


Comment Comment is a journal of public theology. Three trends emerged from the surveys. This transaction will be processed via a secure system. Better is Possible Learn More. Reflecting back on their secondary education, these graduates have high satisfaction and feel that they were prepared well for later life.

Graduates of independent non-religious schools look for fulfillment expectations in their jobs, while graduates of Evangelical Protestants schools and religious homeschooling understand a strong surgey calling.

First, graduates of the independent schools had a higher satisfaction with their high school experience. Participants responded to a thirty-minute survey. The Cardus Education Survey: Independent non-religious school graduates tend to trust established structures and institutions. Cultural activities seemed to be shaped by the graduates’ community and family interests.

David Sikkink was the head of quantitative studies. The survey includes questions about academic excellence, spiritual formation, and cultural engagement. The word Cardus comes from the Latin root “cardo”. Though they marry at an earlier age, they are somewhat more likely to be married than government school graduates and more likely to have more children. The number of graduates of independent non-religious schools was too small to draw any conclusions.

Health We seek to enlarge the conversation concerning care for the most vulnerable Canadians in our midst. Respondents chose from the following options: Cardus Education exists to provide reliable, credible data for non-government types of education.