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Chicken with Plums is a feast you’ll devour.” —Newsweek Acclaimed graphic artist Marjane Satrapi brings what has become her signature. Chicken with Plums (Pantheon Graphic Library) [Marjane Satrapi] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Chicken with Plums is a feast you’ll. The question of what makes a life worth living has rarely been posed with as much poignancy and ambition as it is in Satrapi’s dazzling new.

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Like PersepolisChicken with Plums is rooted in Satrapi’s family history.

The Fish Fall in Love He lay there waiting for death to come, giving up music, food and any hope to live, what can make the story any exciting at this point of time. It appears to have taken him eight days. Wkth Marjane the more I read the more I love you!

Chicken with Plums – Wikipedia

View all 19 comments. Also I could empathize very well with some of the painful happenings, such as the hurt of the musician when his wife broke his tar or the hurt of his wife when he said he had never loved her. Both are established comic book artists who have made the leap into movies. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Articles lacking sources from July All articles lacking sources Graphic novel pop All stub articles.


Is it really the loss of his tar that has cost him his will to go on? I feel her art here is brilliantly utilized more so than in Persepolis When he stopped praying, her soul became a cloud of smoke which appeared over her grave. Chicken with Plums Poulet aux prunes in the original French version is a graphic novel by Iranian author Marjane Satrapi.

Chicken with Plums by Marjane Satrapi – 4 stars. While in bed, he reflects on his life and images from his past and future play out before him. I’m an Amazon Affiliate. Satrapi said that “But you have to know the kings of the Qajar dynasty, they had hundreds of wives.

Chicken with Plums

Regarding the love affair: He had a problematic childhood as he was always more into music than regular studies. Finally, one more by Dostoyevsky: Over the course of eight days, the book takes us to the past and to the future, and wiith each trip, we as readers gain a little more insight into the grander scheme of life and death.

This book is hard to rate with the star system.

Was this review helpful to you? Marjane Satrapi and her beautiful picture books can make even the most grim subjects a bag of laughter.

Satrapi directed a film based on the comicwhich debuted at the La Pate theatre in France on October 26, Chicken with Plums by Marjane Satrapi – 4 stars 5 19 May 06, His beloved tar has been broken.


Chicken with Plums Theatrical release poster. Nasser Ali was the brother of Marjane’s This observation is separate from the discussion about whether it was a good choice. I thought it was amusing that in the movie they changed Nasser’s instrument to a violin; the producers probably thought that was easier than explaining what a tar was. I am not very sure though! Matthieu Amalric does a standup job as Nasser Ali, bringing a certain world-weariness to his character as well as youthful optimism in the flashback scenes.

I don’t think it was as focused and fleshed out like Persepolis, but I don’t fault Marjane for it. And this next part with Azrael, the Angel of Death, was astounding: Although undeniably humorous, Persepolis was about a childhood and an adolescence blighted by oppression, war, revolution and exile.

International Film Guide We also see appearances of a nude Sophia Loren as well as the angel of death, Azarel. After buying a replacement for the violin that Faranguisse broke, Nassar-Ali runs into Irane who is walking with her grandson.