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World have to know that much of ohos spanish people are against bullfighting. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Its as good as torturing a human. Leave him on the street. This kind of turture is unberable and should stop at once.

It’s funy how all this people criticize bullfighting and then they go to wal mart and buy 20 pounds of ribs without even thinking how that animal was killed Cukda of being spanish, I hate this “party” over anything else.

Can view all human violence in tv I remember COPS and other supid and violent programsyou have no problems in executing thousands of prisoners, just as do Third World country, but you can see blood of an animal.

Those animals suffer that much. Eating meat does not mean that Ckida have to fail stabbing a wounded animal and see it bleed from its nose until his death.

Tambien I have to say that no English ohos I wrote this from an internet translator. A great part of spanish people are against bullfighting.

This last point is important: I did not invent the gun, or the sword and yus as hell I don’t feel that I have a right to kill anything for “sports” just because I can use a sharp or pointy metal. More sickened in fact, because the pain inflicted on these animals is glorified as sport or art.


Me uno a los comentarios en contra de la tortura como pretendida forma de arte o cultura. And the respect for the death of this animals in Spain has increased a lot in the last years, believe me.

We must face rus harshness of real life and not hide it. But there are some arguments for it before the self-righteous, hypocritical masses start chiming in.

Tell them not to come, please. Thousands of these animals are cruelty killed and now you horrified by a few bulls??

Cuanta ignorancia, dios mio, cuanta ignorancia, si el toro no diese ni un duro bien que se hubiese ya extinguido y los animales de granja, si, es una tortura, pero bien que comeis todos y nadie carela queja cuando le hinca el diente a un pollo.

Cuida Tus Ojos

In fact matadore’s deaths are just accidents that happends while bullfighting. But don’t tell me where this meat comes from!! So you can’t appeal to their better natures. As another coment said: My Uncle went to a Bull Fight and got kicked out for cheering every time the bull got the matador.

Es la lucha del hombre contra el toro, contra el animal, de igual a igual y no siempre gana el torero.

: Carmela Paris: Books

We want more dead matadors. This I also know and paaris. Todos los que estais en contra de las corridas de toros demostrais que sois personas peores que aquellos a los que tachais de asesinos Many people in spain doesnt support this kind of murder. Do you know how these animals are murdered??? Spain is not third world Primero acabad con Esperanza Aguirre y despues con todo lo demas By torturing them till death? There are many interpretations about the bullfighting in Spain.


All the people here living thousand Kms from my country says this is stupid an unnecessary Frikin morrons, defending bullfight The Big Picture didn’t focus enough on the disgusting condition the city is in thanks to half a million people being in a city with restaurant, housing, and bathroom capacity for about 30, I would never pay for seeing a bullfight or go to Pamplona for San Fermin and I don’t like seeing animals being abused for the amusement of people, but I would any day choose the life and death of a fighting bull than that of the caged animals being prepared to be slaughtered to be served in a Big Mac or as a piece of fried chicken.

I know cuuda a cruel comparisson, but it shows how this nonsense argument works: I’m Spanish and Bullfights is something traditional, there are people who like it and other people are against it.

Cuida Tus Ojos : Carmela Paris :

Perhaps there’s a little of my day that will help understand the alternate tradition displayed above. It’s the only way. Is better to come here tu see this Anda dejar de decir estupideces,,.

Bullfighting is a very ancient tradition in Spain. Should be really condemned for that!