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A tutorial about CVSNT, a concurrent versions system. How to backup the CVS repository. Includes examples. EVS is an advanced multiplatform version control ecosystem. Supporting many advanced features it remains compatible with industry standard protocols. The CVSNT Versioning System implements a version control system: it keeps track of all . “CVSNT Auditing Tutorial”. Bo Berglund. Retrieved 23 March .

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Once that’s done go back to the Service Status tab and click on start. Ttutorial have been a number of reports that people have not been able to add users or execute the cvs admin command even though they were members of the Administartors group or even of Domain Admins. So simply issuing this command when logged in as a CVS administrator will work: Also make sure you are logged on as an administrator of the PC using an account with administrative priviliges.

The CVSNT Manuals

Apply configuration changes Now cvnst the Apply button! If you plan on using pserver or sserver with a fairly large number of different user logins then you might want to do as follows also described above: Mail systems will recognize these user names as well see below.


The file could look like this: I set the installation location to be C: These accounts will be used by the CVS users ttutorial the working accounts. Post a blog Add a resource Start a Thread.

Ok once you install CVSNT, you need to go to the root directory where you will be storing the cvs repositories and a temp directory.

CVSNT Installation on Windows – 一路向北 – C++博客

But there still are instances where the use of spaces breaks the CVS functionality badly. You may add as many pserver users this way as you like. This file holds all the usernames and passwords. When you click this a dialogue shows up where you will define your repository. Typically, tutogial you have a version control server, you and other developers can check projects and files into the server.

You can add as many as you like almost but please do not fall for the temptation to use one repository for each and every project! Enter Unix pserver for the protocol type and type in the server and such as directed. Retrieved 7 December The result of this is that all users that “belong” to the domain specified in this box will be logged using only the account name, likewise these usernames will be supplied to the administrative scripts without the domain name. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Anyways hopes this helps you guys.


You need one account which will be a CVS administrative account and one which will be a normal user account. Create a number of NT user groups where members can be added and removed easily.

Setting up a CVSNT Server

If you have a separate disk partition to spare for CVS then use that instead. CVSNT can be downloaded for free from http: It should now show up in the big text box in the middle.

Note that this command will fail if there is a space embedded in the real account name! Retrieved 13 Feb Server Settings Now go on to the Server Settings tab.

March Hare Software began sponsorship of the project in July to guarantee the project’s future and to employ the original tutorail manager on CVSNT development and commercial support. If your users are all on Windows PC: Retrieved 30 May The CVSNT project will continue to evolve the software as the scope of version management and CM changes, including changes to expand the supported methodologies.