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Answers: If u are technically strong in Oracle D2k then it will take very less or near abt one month to learn abt Oracle apps. Question. D2K – 77 D2K interview questions and answers by expert members with experience in D2K subject. Discuss each question in detail for better understanding. Oracle d2k interview questions Oracle d2k interview questions. Overview · Version History · pkraju. Oracle forms interview questions and answers.

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Sep 10 If this trigger fails, the post and commit processes fail, no records are written to the database and focus remains in the current item. Forms program units are local to form builder if you want to use without database you can use form program units else use database procedure.

Any template properties, parameters, report triggers, programme units and attached libraries are also applied. intervieew

Instead We can use bind Variables as a parameter. Saleman number 4. Meant for sharing our knowledge related to Oracle E-Business Suite.

You place the Oracle report on the corresponding application top in the reports folder.

D2K Interview Questions |

An object based on a property class can inherit the settings of any property in that property class. Due to this difference, it is sometimes difficult to determine the cause of error in running reports. If still couldnt see the scroll bar, just look at the x and y innterview of the scroll bar.


You can develop the queries by using report builder as 1. Udara Oct 18th, If still couldnt see the scroll bar, quesions look at the x and y coordination of the scroll bar. Bind variables are used for replacing the single parameter in the select statement, where as Lexical Parameter is used to replace questiosn where, order by conditions at run time. Pass data to report builder from OS text files.

Some time OCX controls are also available to communicate with devices.

Report Triggers :-

If possible, Reports should be run against a smaller database. Feb 07 Dear All, Basically when we write null on on error then at that time, no error will display. Site Stats Last 30 Days. What is the utility used to call the report from the forms? Sql — to format parallel explain plans.

Wnswers that you need to have two different canvases in one form. To understand better plea Every interface object has its visual attribute group property that determines how the objects individual visual attribute settings are derived. This program writes all the environment variables and arguments passed to it in a log file ar60run.


Post script code should be recognized by the printer driver. An un initialized nested table is automatically null, so the IS NULL comparison answdrs can be used to ses if nested table is null.

D2K Interview Questions and Answers: PART6 ~ Oracle Apps Knowledge Sharing

Sql — answets format serial explain plans. Simply you can add a scroll bar to y Inner query using the candidate row value.

Azhar Hussain Apr 27th, 1. Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter?

Oct 16 When a form is run, which are the triggers fire, and in what sequence they fire? How I can use SRW. Have you used lexical parameters in reports? The end of the anchor with a symbol on it is attached to the parent object.

Please Turn OFF your ad blocker. Instead We can use bind Variables as a parameter. Update of delete statements.