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This Access tutorial explains how to use To Method to export different objects to specific file types, for example, export Query to xlsx. acOutputReport, 3, Report. acOutputServerView, 7, Server View. Microsoft Access allows us to export access object like table, query,etc to other formats like Excel, PDF, RTF, etc. Using “To” To. on form. Dim i As Integer i = DCount(“*”, “a_import_aels_step_1”) If i = 0 Then strNoRecordOpenArg = “Imported AEL’s” To.

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It requires additional functions or a form and is rather inflexible.

Export Access Object to Excel ,PDF, RTF , etc. using DoCmd.OutputTo

I suggest you to add another code to open pdf after export. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

Email Required, but never shown. Use False 0 if you don’t want to start the application. I have an excel template with a custom ribbon with buttons for preset sorts and filters.

OutputFile Optional Variant A string expression that’s the full name, including the path, of the file you want to output the object to. While all these approaches work, I would rather not recommend to use any of them.

Taking all this into account, our procedure to export a filtered report to PDF could look like this:. Taking all this into account, our procedure to export a filtered report to PDF could look like this: Type True to open the exported fileFalse to disable opening.

If you leave this argument blank, Access outputs the data by using the Windows default encoding for text files and the default system encoding for HTML files. This argument is ignored for Microsoft Internet Information Server. I use the Immediate window and the value of strNoRecordOpenArg is holding and should be available for the open report process. Acouutputreport of this is to completely automate iutputto process.


Export Access Object to Excel ,PDF, RTF , etc. using To « Access VBA Macros

In reply to kuil88’s post on March 2, The type of character encoding format you want used to output the text or HTML data. Luckily there is a very simple solution to the problem that is just not so obvious.

Sorry this didn’t help. In reply to Dirk Goldgar’s post on March 3, I have a report used by any report the yields zero records. For example something like: The data is covered by the EU-U. So, it seems to be a problem to export a report that displays different data sets depending on user input or other factors. There are some folders that are protected, because they belong to either another user or to the operating system, and you would not normally have permission to write to them unless your application was running as an administrator.

That strongly suggests that, for some reason, Access can’t write to the specific folder path on C: If you created the folder, you should certainly have permission to save to it. Is there somekind of bug in access for saving a report to a specific place with a specific name on a harddrive? What im trying to do is save a report to my harddrive.


It requires to create multiple very similar objects reports. Dirk Goldgar Replied on March 2, Post as a guest Name. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. OutputTo -Method will just export the report as it is! There is only one thing that you must not forget to take care of. Wyman is a Human Resources professional based in Hong Kong, specialized in business analysis, project management, data transformation with Access and Excel.

You then simply invoke DoCmd. However, if the report you want to export is open already in preview acViewPreview when you invoke OutputTothe DoCmd. So, here we are. ObjectName Optional Variant A string expression that’s the valid name of an object of the type selected by the ObjectType argument.

He is also a: So then I tried to insert a text file into the excel file which worked until I execute a SaveAs and my ribbon disappears again. You can use the OutputTo method to output the data in the specified Access database object a datasheet, form, report, module, data access page to several output acoutptureport.

Dirk Goldgar Replied on March 3, Are you working in a restricted business environment, where users don’t have permissions on a lot of things?