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0€ Shipping ✓ Ecler AUDEO Speaker passive, black HOT DEAL» 30 Days Money Back ✓ Huss: Your PRO Shop for Event Equipment (accessed. ECLER CAUDEOWH AUDEO speaker – White – 50W 8ohm/V – ” woofer 25mm soft dome tweeter ABS cabinet w/Wall bracket (Price per pair). ECLER AUDEOP self-powered stereo kit is the embodiment of the successful reputed AUDEO series in a user-friendly and cost-effective formula that can.

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Home theatre package comprising: Wattage taps are configurable to the following settings via a rotary tapping switch, which is located on the back panel. Optional U-bracket kit for Arqisavailable in black or white. Horizontal array bracket for two Control 28 speakers. Vertical array bracket for two Control 28 speakers. Elegant contemporary design cabinet loudspeaker with 4 inch driver, 160 inch silk tweeter and a smooth surface for outdoor use, digress protection IP The ultra-thin, flat and elegant power selector is on the back side of the loudspeaker.

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Full-range compact surface mount speaker with a 1. Rubber auddeo for horizontal K-Array Kobra setup monitor or front fill. Two and a half way closed box, 35mm thin satellite speaker. The Tannoy AMS 6DC is a wide bandwidth, high power-handling and high sensitivity surface mount loudspeaker designed with an aesthetic that is perfect for the architectural considerations of building design.


Wooden loudspeaker cabinet with a compact format, stylish aesthetics, excellent sound quality and long term reliability. The AUDEO loudspeaker series strikes the perfect balance between the intelligibility and sound reproduction quality requirements currently demanded in the professional audio installation and ever increasing demands with respect to aesthetics, design and integration into all types of architectural environments. It mounts a auddo.

Health and auxeo centres Meeting and conference rooms Auditoriums, museums Recommended amplification: Foam, slip-on pads for horizontal K-Array Kayman setup monitor or front fill.

AcousticDesign Series surface mount speaker, dual 8″ weather resistant, 2-way, 90 x 60 degree rotatable, high power version, ships with yoke mount.

Ecler Audeo 106 Speakers

This factor, together with its high quality sound reproduction, make this series the audeoo solution for use in numerous sound projects: XLR, jack and phono inputs. IP54 for outdoor installation.

Ultra compact 2-way coaxial loudspeaker cabinet with neutral and discreet design. WeatherMax replacement grille for Control 25 speakers.

Ecler AUDEO Speaker passive, black Online At Low Prices At Huss Light & Sound

Ventura 6 Product details PDF. Master speaker for the Control 2P. Brochure English Brochure Italian. The TXG50 installation speaker is a high quality wall-mount speaker with volt line transformer and a low impedance bypass.

Priced and packaged in pairs. Constant directional speaker system, w 4 ohm, including wall bracket, black, each. Kevlar cone woofer and titanium compression driver.

Best for retail shops, schools, government buildings. The included wall bracket allows for pan and tilt adjustment, and requires a single screw for fastening.


Ecler audeo – Ecler Pro speakers for sale on Hi-Fi Di

Wooden subwoofer reinforcement cabinet with a very compact format, featuring a 6. Main features of the series: Priced and sold per pair. This product allows your personal computer access to a network of Vnet enabled devices for control and monitoring them. Active, modular beam steering system, – 20 kHz, beam control limit Hz, typ.

This wall-mounted unit is suitable for use in various public buildings, like waiting rooms, offices, educational establishments and retail outlets. The point-source design of the DVS 4 comprises a mm 4. Phone number Include country dialing code e. WeatherMax replacement grille for Control Simple installation on any flat surface, clear speech and music reproduction allows usage in places such as classrooms, hospitals and government buildings.

Wall mounting brackets are included, speakers are available in black or white. Ultra-slim 12″ passive coaxial line array element Ultra-slim 12″ passive coaxial line array element Ultra-slim 12″ passive coaxial line array e.

Weather resistant, IP M Product details PDF. Included semi-circle U-bracket enables a wide array of mounting possibilities. Compatible to EN standard – ceramic wire terminal, thermal fuse and metal body.