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Dragonborn (also known as Strixiki in Draconic; or Vayemniri, “Ash-Marked Ones “, in Tymantheran draconic) were a race of “The Ecology of the Dragonborn”. I found this PDF on Dragonborn ecology and was wondering, despite being dated from , if it’s still a good guide to how. The day after I think of this, an article on the history and ecology of dragonborn comes up, and the Emperor of Arkhosia is called the Golden.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Last edited by Jayabalard; at They had been hinting at a relationship ecklogy kobolds and dragons for a long time, so that was easy enough, and the association of dragons with sorcery had been firmly cemented, so the spellscales made sense, but neither of these was the iconic, big, strong dragon-man that readers were likely going to expect.

As the edition evolved, draconic creatures and spawn of Tiamat also appeared, along with the dragonblood subtype. Bunch of marginal to flat out inappropriate stuff deleted by Dragonbron.

Arkhosia – 1d4chan

These were either 5 races, or a single race with 5 variations, all created by magically corrupting the eggs of the metallic “good” dragons. I couldn’t find anything more recent so I just wanted to be sure.


The simple answer is that, by the time Races of the Dragon came out, both the half-dragon and draconic templates had tried, and failed, to produce satisfactory dragon people. KRyan 1, 11 Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you ecoloty read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Before I was all “Shrug. And it couldn’t be over a certain height and keep a very human appearance bone and muscle structure. There are several other creatures in mythology that have vaguely dragon-like features, but none that I can find that exactly match the description of a humanoid descended from dragons.

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Want to add to the discussion? The hurling feat seems less fun than the admixture stuff, though. Filters It is recommended that you go into your preferences and increase your displayed links to I would ask them. The most notable of these are the Silurians from Doctor Who: This fulfilled the need for a big, strong dragonman, which Races of the Dragon needed, and finally delivered on that concept in a way that was satisfactory to a majority of players.


Join Date Jun Posts And not even just things on the forums. It seems to have been successful: The Silurian edit is very good! Possible Modern Inspirations If you’re looking for more modern, strictly Draconid, inspirations, there are a few of those as well: So on any given lore topic chances are there’s been nothing in 5e that updates or confirms or clarifies.

I figure your time would be better spent with a system you enjoy.

It was a fascinating idea — a great and terrifying beast in the skin of a mere mortal. Join Date Jan Location where the shadows lie Posts 5, We’ve retooled the divine powers; my cleric is a worshipper of the Ecologu campaign setting specificand can choose any or all of the feats in turn.

The evology necromancer kills you, and uses your corpse as a draught excluder. Most likely, the 3. Haven’t read the fluff, as I was really only interested in the crunch the article offered