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Abstract. NASCIMENTO, Gerlane Karla Bezerra Oliveira et al. Eletromiografia de superfície do músculo masseter durante a mastigação: uma revisão sistemática. Eletromiografia de superfície em músculos inspiratórios de indivíduos adultos e idosos: revisão sistemática. No Thumbnail [%x80]. Eletromiografia de Superficie na Terapia Miofuncional [Adriana Rahal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Neuromuscular and metabolic responses to high-intensity intermittent cycling protocols with different work-to-rest ratios. Surface electromyography of the cervical region – contribution to muscle health.

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Introdução a Eletromiografia

The role played by muscular mass and type. Influence of cycling cadence on subsequent running performance in triathletes. In this study it was not possible to verify the loss of linearity of the signal amplitude of RMS of EMG in both protocols as there was no difference in values between the DETC and DETC, so maybe the difference between the cadences chosen was too small to reflect changes between the variables analyzed in this study.

Data distribution was verified by the Shapiro-Wilk test and, the paired Student t -test was used to compare the variable obtained during symptom-limited exercise test at rest and peak condition. Optimal pedaling estimated from neuromuscular fatigue for cyclists.

The study identified ergonomic variables and reports of cervicalgia, as well as positive wave recruitment in a small group of workers, indicating that the use of new muscle assessment instruments by nurses can enhance their occupational health work.

Brazilian Journal of medical and Biological Research32 1 Data Analysis Analysis of heart rate variability: The volunteers underwent three experimental sessions of exercise on an electromagnetic cycle ergometer on nonconsecutive days, with intervals of at least one week between sessions, involving three experimental procedures adequately standardized, being:. Surface electromyogram power spectrum in human quadriceps muscle during incremental exercise.

The authors also found marked reduction of parasympathetic index RMSSDsuch as an index that represents the total HRV RMSMat lower intensities of exercise followed by stabilization of the variable that occurred after the intensity corresponding to AT.


Heart rate variability and surface electromyography of trained cyclists at different cadences. The heart rate variability HRV and surface electromyography sEMG are important tools in the evaluation of cardiac autonomic system and neuromuscular parameters, respectively. Personal, symptomological, occupational and electrophysiological variables were examined, based on electromyographies of the cervical region.

The formation of positive waves occurred before and after work, affecting ten workers. The square root of the difference in the sum of squares between R-R interval on the record divided by the determined time minus one RMSSDwas analyzed to be an important index of HRV analysis which provided information on parasympathetic heart modulation and, the standard deviation of total normal R-R intervals SDNN was analyzed to be an index that represents the total HRV cardiac sympathetic and parasympathetic modulation Task Force of the European Society of cardiology, The sEMG signals were processed in digital bandpass filter with cutoff frequency of 20 Hz and Hz, and that each experiment were calibrated with a gain ofbeing 20 times the electrode and 50 times the plate to obtain a reference point of calibration according to the manufacturer’s manual.

Moreover, blood lactate measured simultaneously with cardiac autonomic modulation and surface electromyography responses were not collected allow us to determine the intensity corresponding to the AT and thus relate the behavior of aerobic to anaerobic predominance in both protocols during dynamic exercise.

Eletromiografia de superfície do músculo masseter durante a mastigação: uma revisão sistemática

Among the 43 workers who participated in the study, the mean score for shoulder and back neck pain was statistically higher among women than men. In addition, some volunteers 4 individuals were sporadically performing recreational activities such as running or swimming 1 or 2 times a week, lasting approximately one hour.

The diaphragm gradually increased its engagement with ventilation, achieving a maximal response that correlated with successful weaning and maximal acetylcholinesterase enzyme activity; in contrast, the activity of accessory respiratory muscles showed an opposite trend. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 9 1 Heart rate response and its variability during different phases of maximal graded exercise.

Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology, 49 Human investigations into the arterial and cardiopulmonary baroreflexes during exercise.


In higher cadences there is reduced force applied to the pedal ergometer, which consequently decrease fatigue due to reduced recruitment of type II fibers and increased recruitment of type I fibers Lucia et al. Symptom-limited exercise testing The exercise test was performed by a cardiologist to evaluate the clinical and functional aspects of the cardiovascular system, as well as to detect possible changes that indicate against the participation of volunteers in research.

Avaliação da eletroestimulação com biofeedback por eletromiografia de superfície

The advantages of HRV include being a non-invasive procedure with a low proportion of errors, using relatively simple equipment at low cost Catai et al. RESULTS The age, anthropometric characteristics, the level of physical activity and the variables obtained during symptom-limited exercise test are superficif in Table 1.

These authors concluded that the preference was given due to the fact that although higher cadences promote greater metabolic demands, muscle fatigue was reduced Dantas et al. There were no significant differences in HR between the protocols Figure 1. The sex of the participants proved to be an important variable in muscle pain assessment, especially among women.

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport13 2 Although this study eletromiogratia not have as its objective the determination of AT, our results of HR, HRV and sEMG reflect changes in cardiac autonomic control and muscular system that at any given time of the exercise protocol may indicate adjustments of the cardiovascular and muscle systems in an attempt to meet the increased demand in higher intensities of exercise.

We suggest that higher cadences which are the preferred cadence for these athletes may not promote significant changes that could result in fatigue and early interruption of effort.

The objective of this was to study the effect of biofeedback BIO eletromiografiia to occupational therapy OT and functional electrical stimulation FES on spasticity, range of motion and upper extremity function of hemiplegic patients.