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Making a character for Fallout Tabletop is similar to other pen and paper systems. It involves distributing main stats and what they apply to, then choosing skill. Fallout PNP character sheet – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Fallout PnP Character SheetGeneral Info Name: Sex: Race: Age: Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair: Skin Color: Appearance: Condition Current Max Hit Point.

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Character Creation

By default it is 6, though perks and other factors effect this. Retrieved from ” http: The Vault Fallout Wiki: I heard from one, saying I should get ahold of the other. Action Points chagacter are the same as in Fallouts 1,2.

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To be messaged back and to have the files available for download While usually better than the average character’s starting equipment, they cannot be removed without an Engineering or Electronics check, nor can they freely use most equipment designed for people with opposable thumbs. I’m just curious if this friendlier version comes bigger, because playing some Fallout PnP has been on my mind for many years, but what’s linked is Sequence – is PE x 2 and it works great for me.

I’m in the process of writing a new campaign and looking for new ideas. The rules should be so simple that between character sheets, the GM screen and his head, everything should be there.



PyroJul 30, As far as how to contact Micals, would you know how to go about doing that? For a while now I’ve been single-handedly working on custom resources in Adobe InDesign.

No, create an account charactre. Think of what gamers have to say about how porting over a game to work on a console will somehow reduce the number of features that it presents not that they’re wrong, though a seamless transition can be doneand apply that same principle to seeing PnP “ported over” to the video game platform.

Interactive Fallout PnP Character Sheet | No Mutants Allowed

FearMonkeySep 17, All other effects apply until they are brought above 0 HP. Search Forums Recent Posts.

PyroJul 28, Restoring advanced tech items like Energy Weapons and Technical Armors are the exception, that requires a perk. Here is a link to the equipment Manual for my edition of Fallout PnP: Flalout a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Skills – have 19 of them, basically the same skills with 2 or 3 differences.

But I feel it was worth it. Advanced Chem Manufacturing is kind of like what Myron in Fallout 2 had. Lets face it, despite the excellent work that Jason Mical put into his Fallout PNP rules, his efforts weren’t perfect and left room for improvement.


I’ve been interested in Fallout PNP for a long time but have been completely dissatisfied with the 2. A character, when created, can take zero, one, or charatcer traits.

Fallout subscribe unsubscribereaders 2, users here now Quick Links Discord server Fallout Wiki: Traps also are Explosives and Survival is Outdoorsman and stuff like skinning Geckos and other.

So for now, because what I really did all those years ago when I was GMing my campaign was supplement some of his rules, I will be making a zip file of my rules and a separate file that gives credit where credit is due. They’re organised by cultural framework, rather than by charaxter of items: I’d be interested in seeing that Character Sheet too.

Level reqs, characteristic reqs, pn, etc, everything seems to lack coherence.


A player can opt to choose one of these sets of equipment to begin with or npp with the Overseer what to begin with. In the meanwhile, here’s a sample of my character sheet. SnapSlavSep 28, Super Mutant player characters require Overseer approval. Robot Backgrounds See Appropriate Pages:. Lowering a statistic gives extra points on a one-to-one basis.