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monospecific forests of Rhizophora mangle L., located in Laguna de Terminos, Campeche, México [18]. la fenología de las plantas. Ciencia. fenologia de rhizophora mangle pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for fenologia de rhizophora mangle pdf. Will be grateful for any. Perez-Bedmar M, Santangelo JA () Red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle L .) Oecologia – Santos CCL () Fenologia de Avicennia L. em.

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How South Pacific mangroves may respond to predicted climate change and sea level rise.

fenologia de rhizophora mangle pdf – PDF Files

Geomorphologie, Neial Tolge 13 4: Reproductive phenology and hypocotile production. Climate variation, on a seasonal and a yearly basis, affect the temporal and spatial patterns of precipitation and temperature at local and global scales in many coastal manyle of the world Cook et al. Switch to new thesaurus. Reproductive phenology of northeast Brazilian mangrove community: The relationship of drought frequency and duration to time scales.

Besides, basal area, importance value index IVIcoverage and Holdridge complexity index, were calculated. Help me to find this fenologia de rhizophora mangle pdf.

Seasonal variation of precipitation was also evaluated among the years, duringin order to detect seasonal differences among years. Environmental and biotic constraints. An average cover of Prediction models for the litterfall and the hypocotile production.


Evaluacion de impactos a la salud del manglar en el municipio Guama, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Along a 30 m-transect from the coast line of the lagoon to the interior of the vegetation up to the borderline of the mangrovewe installed three 0. We expect that the variability of the ground water chemistry, and the biological responses of this mangrove forest will reflect the variation of the precipitation regime during During the overall jangle, the water body was characterized as mesoha-line The highest basal area was found in Pajaral In this paper the structural attributes and litter production of mangroves of the Mecoacan lagoon, Gulf of Mexico were evaluated.

Wetlands Ecology Management From these data, the basal area of the trees and the density for each species is calculated. In addition, we want to know how the salinity and the redox potential of the ground water of a monospecific mangrove forest of Rhizophora mangle are modified according to this variation.

Rhizophora mangle

In contrast, the precipitation surpassed the reference average in, and SPI values of 2. Precipitation and salinity resulted significant factors driving the litterfall production of the studied mangrove forest of R.

We applied the Pearson correlation coefficient to correlate the precipitation with the physicochemical and productivity parameters.

The modified procedure for mangroves consists of a differential measure of the tree diameter according to the species: Regional aspects of prolonged meteorological droughts over Mexico and Central America.


The second set of data corresponds to the same station for our period of study ; it includes the annual and the seasonal precipitation of all years and seasons of that period.

fenologia de rhizophora mangle pdf

We evaluated the productivity of the mangrove forest in terms of the litterfall production of Rhizophora mangle during a five-yr periodas the total rhizpphora weight of litterfall per square meter per fenloogia and per season. A composicao floristica abrangeu tres generos e quatro especies: Phenological traits of the mangrove Rhizophora stylosa Griff. Precipitation regime during the period of study The patterns of yearly and seasonal variation of the productivity and reproductive phenology observed in the monospecific mangrove forest of R.

Aquatic Botany 80 2 Rhizophora mangle and Avicennia germinans Linneo Linneo are the dominant mangrove species Coronado-Molina fe al. Journal of Oceanography 65 1: During these periods a low concentration of salts dominated in the ground water.