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FAA Form –3, AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL TAG. 3. Form Tracking Number: 4. Organization Name and Address: 5. Work Order/Contract/Invoice. Number. NOTE: a single EASA release on Form with only “Other regulation specified in block 12” ticked in block 14a is also acceptable for USED. What is the difference between an FAA Form and a Certificate of Conformity? ANSWER: An FAA Form , Airworthiness Approval Form, identifies.

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FAA Form 8130-3 -vs- Certificate of Conformity

The use of slashes, hyphens 81330-3 spaces in the date does not matter. Reference, invoice and batch numbers can be set to automatically increment. Each statement must clearly identify which product or article in Block 6 it relates to.

Next, we receive a request for that part from a company in France. Okay, you were in a hurry and sent the form with the part to a customer and he lets you know that there was a typo.

If not, you need to establish a numbering system that is separate from your work order system.

I would go to the FAA website http: The new would not only be used to certify exported parts, it would also meet the 14 CFR Part 43 for, for approval for return to service following maintenance, creating for the first time in the US a common approval fprm return to service form tag other than the Yellow Tag and the FAA Form Total Time; Total Cycles; time since new g If a specific batch or lot number is used to control or trace the product or article, enter the batch or lot number in this block.

Invoice and Work order numbers can be set to auto-increment. See graphic on page Describe the work identified in Block 11 and associated results necessary for the user or installer to determine the airworthiness of the product or article in relation to the work being certified. Is it for the purpose of exporting a part, or is it only for the purpose of assuring that we are not getting a part that is unapproved?


Block 14b is the authorized signature, and it must be manually applied at the time and place of issuance except as provided in paragraph j of Order H.

But neither of the two uses of the form could be performed or certified by the same person. If a copy of an is requested, correlation must be established between the form and the applicable article.

Maintenance or Manufacture Fail? Okay, stick with me because we can fix this and get you back on the straight and narrow. Those on the right must be that of an FAA repair station or an air carrier in certain cases. Pre-set authorized names for signature box inclusion and remarks text.

FAA Form software

Enter serial number of the Part. Block 14c Enter your repair station, PAH or air carrier number. Over the past 35 years, he has served as a shop technician, engine shop supervisor, Engine Program Director, Director of Maintenance, Director of Operations, and owner of a Rolls-Royce engine overhaul and MD Helicopter component overhaul shop.

Most fields can be pre-set to default values. We assure him that the part does come with an airworthiness approval tag. Authorized Release Certificate No Change. As the originator you must retain a copy of each form issued to allow verification of the original data. We would then call the local FAA or a DAR with whom we had established a relationship, and ask them to issue the certificate for the part s. You should use the term or name used in the instructions for continued airworthiness or maintenance data.

Forms print on plain white copy paper and look identical to the FAA Form This software performs that task automatically.

FAA Form -vs- Certificate of Conformity

Item When the is issued a single item number or multiple item numbers for example, same item with different serial numbers may be used for the same part number. And there you have it, my faithful students: Two organization fields available for station numbers, alternate address etc.


Although this page-turner is written in typical FAA prose, it is a must-read, and more importantly, a must-comply if you want to avoid an unpleasant confrontation with your local FAA Inspector.

I see a surprised look on some of your faces. Enter the quantity of each product or article shipped. Welcome once again my faithful students.

EASA became fully functional in Multiple items must be numbered in sequence. Why the revised form? First, fire up your computer and go to the World Wide Web using this link: Complies with revision Form for Windows is a self contained windows program that allows the user to complete the FAA Authorized Release Certificate previously known as the Airworthiness Approval Tag on-screen and print out the FAA approved forms on plain white paper. And finally, if a repair station or air carrier has signed the right side, be sure they hold the appropriate ratings for the maintenance for which they are signing.

The Export Certificate of Airworthiness or conformity certification was is still required to be completed by the FAA or a designee while the approval for return to service could be done by a repair station or properly certificated air carrier.

In block 12 the following statement will be entered: Pull-down lists allow easy “point and click” entry. Of course, the form could only be used for major repairs and major alterations.

However, care must be taken to check the relevant box es in Block 14a to validate the release. First the recipient of the incorrect form must request replacement in writing and return the incorrect form to you.

The same form could now be used for two purposes.