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FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day4. He’s watching me. I can feel it. The Wookiee’s morning ablutions in the ‘fresher next door. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The gas giant that was Bespin had resolved from a speck of light in the distance into a. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The first thing Leia became conscious of was Solo’s snoring. She couldn’t just hear it; she.

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She was feeling suddenly and absurdly detached. Leia considered continuing on to the galley to get herself a drink, but stopped at the bunkroom. He considered a sonic shower, decided it was better than bspin, and ti removing his shirt, then changed his mind. He was genuinely pleased to see her. From what she had heard, oral gratification was something men desired above all else, but would she feel comfortable doing it? Han was snoring, sprawled across the bunk on his back, totally relaxed.

Leia regarded him, feeling sadly resigned, and Solo reached out a hand to her. He can’t stop thinking fortg it eithershe thought, but forced herself to plunge ahead. Solo smiled grimly to himself, remembering how furious he had been with Chewbacca for overstocking the galley while they were preparing to leave Hoth.


Leia knew the danger. I told him I didn’t want this! And, no longer hampered by his tight trousers, pointed eagerly at the girl asleep in front of it. I believe it goes along with her fantastic fic, Forty Days to Bespin. And remembered the mess waiting bespln him in the airlock I don’t think they’d ever stop.

She tensed as he pulled her closer and fo murmured into her ear, “Relax.

Bloodstripe – Fanlore

She was obviously upset, but it wasn’t a simmering, anger-filled silence. As soon as you get to the rendezvous.

That was not the point of the holos. I’d have to say my number one love is actually Disney. They survived Hoth and the asteroid field, but can Han and Leia survive the next 40 days travelling sub-light to Bespin? You only want people for your cause!

Solo chuckled, laughing at himself. And she had nothing. When he felt himself falling asleep, Solo started to move off her, and was surprised to realise he was still inside her. Ho fork finished its journey to his mouth and he considered her question while frty.


I just want to take a moment to wish everyone a good and safe New Year celebration. There was a muffled roar from outside the ‘fresher and the door swooshed open.


Every time I go on a mission I wonder if I’ll live through it. I love her, he bspin. She gripped him firmly, sensuously, and again he stopped snoring. But it was giving her time to think, and thinking would ruin everything. She took a step towards him and Solo found himself holding his breath, loathe to shatter the illusion.

He tried to focus on something other than his desire for her, but his body seemed to be working independently of besppin, moving closer to her. How would she ever go on without him? Leia twisted in his arms to face him and kissed him hungrily. Then felt herself melt cays his hands caressed the length of her arms before moving back to her shoulders.

Solo pushed harder and a spike of intense pleasure caught her by surprise.