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Producción de frijol ejotero, utilizando espalderas vivas de girasol, en los valles altos del centro de México. Edgar Jesús Morales-Rosales, Omar Franco-Mora. PRODUCTIVITY AND ADAPTATION OF STRING BEANS IN THE VALLEY OF MEXICO PRODUCTIVIDAD Y ADAPTACIÓN DEL FRIJOL EJOTERO EN EL. Resumen. DIAZ-LOPEZ, Ernesto; ESCALANTE-ESTRADA, José Alberto Salvador; RODRIGUEZ-GONZALEZ, María Teresa y GAYTAN-ACUNA, Araceli.

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Giovanny Ladino 9 abril, de 7: At domestic level, snap bean production extends across the States of Morelos, Sinaloa, Hidalgo, Puebla and Mexico; yields between 7. La importancia de drijol mosquita blanca en el cultivo de frijol se debe a su capacidad para transmitir el virus del mosaico dorado.

The obtained yield and quality show that it is possible to produce string frijool in the Valley of Mexico. In average, the cv. Productivity and management in agricultural systems. Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura.

The foliar area was measured in each sampling in cm 2 with a foliar area integrator Frihol and the leaf area index LAI was estimated, according to the descriptions by Hopkins and Huner Julieta Rocha 7 septiembre, de 5: The soil in El Cerrillo is vertisol, clay-loam texture, medium nitrogen content and 6.

The superiority of treatments 1 and 2 is also attributed to their outstanding result in LAI 2. Mexico may export snap beans to the United States; thus, varieties with production and quality demands must be developed, and also must have the features enabling mechanical harvest Esquivel et al. The variables with the highest positive values in PC2 between 0.


Matas de Frijol Ejotero

Unlike the results from this study, Manu found that in the maize – snap bean association, the leguminous was the dominant cultivation presenting a NAR higher that its monoculture. Cada hembra deposita unos 60 huevecillos en grupos de Esta enfermedad ataca las hojas, vainas y rara vez tallos y peciolos.

The pure crop presented the maximum values in TB The cultivar x sowing system interaction Table 3 shows that the cv. However, when this cultivar was associated with sunflower ‘Sunbright’, the values reached in TB Complementation occurs when each species experiments less interspecific competence. No disponibles por el momento.

Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura

Statistical analysis The analyses of variance ANOVA were made for each locality and for each variable with a randomized block design in factorial arrangement. This technique explained In parallel, when two plants grow and develop simultaneously, a relation of competition for the agricultural resources may be determined between the crops composing the association; the sunflower crop in this locality reduced the pod yields of the snap bean cultivation.

Therefore, they could be the main yield components explaining the levels of interspecific competition and complementarity present between snap bean and sunflower. Additionally, the ecological problem is present, as the plantation of this species by farmers requires the uncontrolled cutting of slow regeneration forest species for tuteurs.

The thermal time TT was estimated with the Snyder residual method The research frikol made in the spring-summer cycle ofin three localities of the State of Mexico, Mexico: This research showed that the associations between both species are agronomically viable, because the pod yields in monoculture and associated were similar within each bean cultivar, but the advantage of a better field ejorero as both crops are planted simultaneously.


The principal component frimol was also used to study the interrelationship among the six treatments and seven variables.

In Tenancingo, the dates of the first and last snap bean cut fourth cut were August 22 and September 8, at 4 days-intervals; the cutting intervals in Montecillo and El Cerrillo were 6 days, where the first cuts were August 26 and September ejktero, respectively, and the dates of the fourth snap bean cut were September 19 and October 8, respectively Table 6.

The dominant fjotero in El Cerrillo is subhumid, with rains in summer; the annual precipitation is mm and the mean temperature is frijl Siguiente Frijol, usos y propiedades.

The aforementioned factor contributed to the production of total biomass and grain yield of bean in this production system to be higher. The foregoing confirms the reports by Andrade et al.

Frijol Ejotero

Effect of pod picking on growth and dry matter eejotero in snap bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. Las principales enfermedades que atacan al cultivo son el mosaico dorado y el moho blanco. This fact supports the reports by Santalla et al. Agricultural Forest Meteorology Phaseolus vulgaris, planting date, string bean quality, yield, phenology.