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W. Frąckowiak, M. Lewandowski, Wzrost zewnętrzny przedsiębiorstwa. Teoria i praktyka [in:] W. Frąckowiak (ed.), Fuzje i przejęcia, PWE, Warszawa , pp. Frąckowiak W., „Fuzje i przejęcia przedsiębiorstw”, PWE , pp. 4. Jajuga K., Jajuga T. „Inwestycje”, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa , pp. Chakrabarti, Hauschildt, Sueverkruep, Does it pay to acquire technological firm [in]R&D Management, nr Frąckowiak W. (edited) Fuzje i przejęcia.

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Information disclosure, method of payment and takeover premiums.

The essence of mergers and acquisitions. Effect of merger on the share price movement of acquiring firms: The operating performance study has focused on the period between 3 years before and 3 years after frclowiak.

An examination of the long run performance of UK acquiring firms. Uwarunkowania rozwoju w Polsce. The market for corporate control. The operating performance of firms conducting seasoned equity offering. Estimating betas from nonsynochronous data.


The World Bank, April Are acquiring-firm shareholders better off after an acquisition. Knights, raiders and targets.

The last chapter provides a review of published results of several studies of market and operating performance of mergers and acquisitions on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Risk przejcla when shares are subject to infrequent trading. A reapply to Mr. The book consists of six chapters.

Knight, raiders and targets: Mergers and managerial performance. The effect of a merger on the share price of the attacker revisited.

Leveraged Buyouts in Poland *

Creating value from mergers and acquisitions. The challenges, Prentice-Hall Does operating performance increase post-takeovers for UK takeovers? Changes in corporate performance associated with bank acquisitions. DzU nrpoz.

The performance of UK takeovers. A general conclusion of the results achieved can be formulated as follows: A simplified model for portfolio analysis. The measurement of corporate performance on cashflow basis: Corporate performance, corporate takeovers, and management turnover.

Regulation, taxes and the market for corporate control in Belgium. The evidence leads to the conclusion przejcla a positive reaction of investors to acquisition announcement on the Polish market is similar to the reaction of investors on developed markets, and results in a positive abnormal return for shareholders of acquired firms.


Table 1 from Leveraged Buyouts in Poland * – Semantic Scholar

Shareholder wealth effects of European domestic and cross-border takeovers bids. Managerial ownership, method of payments for acquisitions, and executive job retention.

Tender offers and stockholder returns. Takeovers, shareholder returns, and the theory of the firm. The wealth effect of merger activity and the objective functions of merging firms.