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I bought an 8A Gearmatic Winch a few years back and have yet to try to mount it to my crawler. I have a ’59 JD crawler. Looks like it should. I Have a gearmatic 8A and the parts book and operating manual. The manual also covers the 8G. I have been able to get parts from a local JD. wanted parts manual or copy,info for winch gearmatic 8a on my jd crawler where i can find parts for restore thanks.

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I just picked up a ic with a gearmatic 8A winch.

The previous owner said the controls need bled, and that after sitting for long periods you would have to run winch long time until it would engage?? Waiting to re assemble when bearings arrive. I’m thinking to just pack in some really stiff grease to keep things sliding over time while keeping in mind that oozing grease around the clutch and brake bands can cause problems.

They are probably rusted together, heat and vibration work the best.

I tried the hacksaw spacer method to adjust the clutch, but found that my clutch is eccentric, as compared to concentric, meaning that it wants to drag gearmaticc the drum to engage and reel-in when it’s not supposed to. If not i may be able to stitch and lock the broken one back together but thats gonna be a lot of work.

Your write up contains a lot of good information that will be helpful to someone I gearmatix sure. When trying to remove the clutch spider, do not over tighten the jacking bolts. All gearamtic steel work i know of is out of china. It can then be as long as you wish. Good luck and keep us posted. Am I correct in this interpretation? I will try to get my point across again They let me make small molds if I want something made.


The brake cylinder will run fluid down the push rod if it is leaking.

Gearmatic 8a Winch Rebuild by Paul Buhler | Photobucket

I also replaced the handle shaft o-ring too. It’s handy having part numbers, approximate prices and your thoughts.

IM gdarmatic the time in my life to learn this new stuff. I do somewhat remember that the bearing only had to move like a inch, then the shaft was thinner so the bearing slid pretty easy until the end where a bearing puller was used.

Gearmatic 8 A project – JDcrawlers Messageboard

Remove the three brake gearmatc retainers Round plates with two screws each looks like this may be a challenge – on mine I had to grind one broken screw off and drill and re-tap; not much meat to work with. Now that you have a winch you will have to build a canopy or some sort of FOPS!!! I happen to have an old electric hotplate that works well too when I put a piece of metal on top of the coils, use low heat, and keep flipping the bearing to even the heat. Good luck getting things cleaned up and free.

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Gearmatic 8a winch rebuild

A single pour would actually be preferable as we are not a high production foundry. I try to share part numbers when I can since it saves time. Andrew, I like the coffee pot heater idea; I’ve used other ways to preheat bearings, but this one is easy and doesn’t require a lot of energy, and doesn’t over heat the bearing. Once you get in the habit of going thru those motions Gearmatc not that bad at all.


All of them would not budge. Please share your thoughts and experience.

So, that means no contractions! The brake adjustment screw is typically a bad place for corrosion. No registered users and 4 guests.

JDcrawlers Messageboard

Then, use the edit function to enter the rest of your post. You can find it at hardware stores. I need to pull the winch apart and see whats missing, i’m working on casting a new cover, be aluminum but hopefully it should work.

Geramatic looked around some for raw materials to machine, and I should exhaust that avenue before I go the casting route. If the brass bushing around the handle shaft needs to be replaced, use Loctite on the bushing. Last edited by Paul Buhler on Thu Sep 27, I’ll do some homework. Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated.

Congrats on getting the side covers off intact. Once off, I was able to use a drift from the inside, and get the bearing out of the drum. It looks like the winch drum sits on two bearings 30and can be driven off towards the clutch side without opening the crown gear and pinion side of the winch.