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Genesis Revisited by Zecharia Sitchin – • Was Adam the first test-tube baby? • Did nuclear fission destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? • How were the ancients able. Zecharia Sitchin (July 11, – October 9, ) was an author of books proposing an .. Genesis Revisited: Is Modern Science Catching Up With Ancient. Modern Technology or Knowledge of the Ancients? Space travel Genetic engineering Computer science Astounding achievements as new as.

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Over 10, years ago, when mankin Wow Alford admits he initially became “infatuated” with Sitchin’s hypotheses but later became a critic of Sitchin’s interpretations of myth. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Mass Market Paperbackpages. Genesis Revisited, like The 12th Planet, has an impressive array of scholarship on display. Sitchin’s linguistics seems at least as amateurish as his anthropology, biology, and astronomy.

Order the bound books. Yet I have to give Sitchin credit for keeping things simple when explaining his theories by only hitting the high points and then referencing the reader to his earlier books for a more in-depth look.

The print sitfhin small, and the print quality varies from page to page. I can’t read these fast enough!! Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. May 09, Jason Sta. But be cool about it, man. In my opinion, it is the great work of researchers like Zecharia Sitchin and others that will ultimately bridge the gap between evolution and creationism, and finally reveal to us the long-hidden truths about our celestial origins.


Fun read, and his detailed analysis seems plausible, but no one in the science community seems to think it is valid.

Archived from the original on Or was this biblical tale the description of matters closer to home, of how our own little planet Earth and the heavenly zone called the Firmament, or “hammered-out bracelet,” were formed? I have ALL the Sitchin books.

Genesis Revisited

American biblical scholar Michael S. For the doomsday theory, see Nibiru cataclysm. Since his death inmore and more facts are uncovered that Sitchin has explained – water on the moon, water on Mars, strange images in Mars photographs especially on one of its two moons Phobos.

Better World Books Condition: Because you are one!

Genesis Revisited

You may not agree with all of Sitchin’s theories regarding Nibiru and the Anunnaki, but his chronology of ancient history and global events is spot-on, and his understanding of Sumerian mythology and language is impeccable. It speaks about the ancient Sumerian texts and the ideologies surrounding it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Oct 08, Brogan rated it it was amazing.

Sitchin states that these “gods” were the rank-and-file workers of the colonial expedition zecyaria Earth from planet Nibiru.

Genesis Revisited (Earth Chronicles, #) by Zecharia Sitchin

Stichin claims that humans are a hybrid species developed by an alien life form thousands of years ago. What Sitchin sees is what he needs for his hypothesis. Heiser has called Sitchin “arguably the most important proponent of the ancient astronaut hypothesis over the last several decades”. His linguistic skills in the languages of antiquity and his pursuit of the earliest available texts and artifacts make possible the wealth of photographs and line drawings appearing in his books from tablets, monuments, murals, pottery, and seals.

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In order to do this he interprets the Babylonian theogony as a factual account of the birth of the other “eleven” planets. Leroy Ellenberger – The Velikovsky Encyclopedia”. Just because some archeologist zecaria that this was to crazy to be true or that it could not be true because we, in modern times, have not witness it, does not mean that its did not happen, specially when more then one culture is talking about the same thing.

Pages with related products. Nov 15, Nicole rated it really liked it.

Regardless of the personal conclusions you arrive at after reading his work, I can certainly guarantee that you will also zechadia away with a much greater sense of possibility for our ancient past, and the realization that there is much, much more to our history than we’ve ever been led to believe.

Sitchin posing with an enlarged, zceharia year-old cylinder seal impression. Naval Observatory, which Sitchin uses to bolster his thesis, is no support at all. It gave me quite a few more things to look up. Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have revieited translated into more than 25 languages.

Clean and unmarked text. When translated, seal VA reads “You’re his Servant” which is now thought to be a message from a nobleman to a servant. If they are gods, then why can’t they have some really divine technology such as intradimensional worm-hole travel, antigravity, starlight propulsion, or black hole bounce rematerializations?

In that walled city there was a structured government that ruled over teachers, scientists and astronomers.