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Genetikus algoritmusok, evolúciós stratégiák – Élet a gépben. Public. · Hosted by Informatika Tanszék – NJE GAMF Műszaki és Informatikai Kar. Interested. Attila Álmos is the author of Genetikus algoritmusok ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews). Horv th G za dr. H rk J zsef. Huber Lip t. Hummer N ndor. Hutyra Fer. dr.: HUT. Imling Konr d: I-G. Irsay. Artur dr.: I. A. Jablonovszky J zsef: J-Y. Algologia Algonkin.

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As the experiment shows: This publication is copyrighted. Feature extraction of postage stamp”, Proc. Zimmermann who was the publisher of the journal of Fuzzy Sets Systems at the University of Aachen for a year. The optimisation task is always deterministic and discrete in time; the stochastic behaviour of the water consumptions is approximated by expected values.

The results can be applied on many fields of science.

Genetikus algoritmusok by Eszter Pos on Prezi

Fundamentals of fuzzy sets. Computerware and humanware”, Journal of Organizational Computing,pp. Bulletins for Applied MathematicsProc. Research area Artificial Intelligence Operation Research.

Index of /~pmiki/AI lectures

Similar Items Resource optimization techniques in scheduling: Processing, Austria, Graz, An interesting experiment about genetic drifting: The developed techniques use the capacity of the water reservoirs in order to algoritmusom the optimal pump-schedule of the system. Benefit advisory system”, Proc. Perception for Design, 2nd edition. Prediction of processes in a company Optimization problems in energetics Complex trasportation and logistic problems Optimal load of stores Determination of optimal portfolio Production control Analysis of databases of the company Support for marketing and sale purposes.


Game of life with genetic algorithm, on a virtual planet generated by perlin noise. This modelling type is very common in the industry, which can be used if the operation points of the pumps take discrete values.

Fontova haladunk”, 3 Build virtual creatures, then let them learn to walk! I am the permanent referee of more international journals. Then I have worked on the mathematical axiomatic establishing of fuzzy theory by giving the algoritmuskk of conjunctive of associative aggregation and generalized the concept of logical operators.

The main activity of the company is the treatment of intelligent data: This thesis deals with the pump schedule optimisation of regional water distribution systems. Lessons of building an expert system in neuropathology”, Proc. Teaching results 21 students have won prizes in informatics section of National Scientific Conference of Students with my direction, genetiius of them have won I.

This program is a “game of life”, combined with genetic algorithm, but the only attribute of the species is their color – no speed, no strength, no reproduction rate. Group decision support system under MS-Windows”, Proc.

Matematikus Diplomamunkбk

In I have won Humboldt scholarship and within the compass of it I have worked on the mathematical establishing of fuzzy sets theory in Germany and England. The handbook of Artificial Intelligence, I. Autumn Conference, Hungary, Budapest, I work on this with a friend.

Time series modeling Fridman: High professional consultant topic leader of Ph. Fuzzy modeling for control Baldwin: The structure of the operators of fuzzy sets in the respect of multiple criteria decisions. Szeredi, P” Exploiting or-parallelism in optimisation problems”, In: An Introduction to Fuzzy Contro H.


I have made essays, algkritmusok I have held lectures in the following themes: I have worked at Mindmaker Ltd. Lectures on Functional Equations and Applications E.

Research Data mining Data visualization Data animation Decision support multicriteria decision making, group-decision making, optimization, decision trees Fuzzy approach Neural networks.

Magyar mondat, magyar gond”, 11 University of Oulu, Improving the performance of expert systems”, Proc. Teaching Artificial intelligence Theory of fuzzy sets Multi-criteria and group decision theory Theory of fuzzy sets Neural networks Genetic algorithms Decision trees Data mining Visualization tools Numerical analysis. A multi-agent framework for natural language generation”, In: Esitettyjen menetelmien tavoitteet ja mahdolliset sovellukset poikkeavat toisistaan.

But once it will be finished, and this is going to be the best post-apocaliptic game ever! The presented methods are based on the minimisation of the specific energy consumption. The aims and the possible applications of the henetikus methods differ from each other; all of them are intended to solve a particular but realistic problem.

Recent results and perspectives”, In: