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The Truvativ HammerSchmidt All Mountain Crankset could revolutionize bicycle drivetrains from this point forward by eliminating that last bastion of low-tech: the . Truvativ HammerSchmidt AM Chainset – Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from The World’s largest online bike store – Chain Reaction Cycles. Finally after months of teasing, Truvativ releases the true identity of HammerSchmidt. We can put an end to all the rumors and speculations that.

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It needs to have a built in chain tensioner for me to even consider it. NSSuburban26 Aug 14, at 0: I’d love to see a long term review. The fringe benefits are really noticed during riding.

Review: Truvativ HammerSchmidt AM Crankset and Transmission

This is a cool idea but cant see it sticking around long. Stick with the increased clearance or the frame builder could drop the Gammerschmidt by the same amount, giving a much lower center of gravity. Login with Facebook Login with Google Or.

The HammerSchmidt is a huge step forward in front shifting progress and we are even seeing bikes like the custom steel hard tails out of builders like Steve Stickel click here to see pictures getting the HammerSchmidt treatment to accommodate new frame designs and geometries.

A single derailleur cable under the bottom bracket area actuates the shift pawls and it is insensitive to adjustments or cable stretching. Interesting similar product has been on the market in Europe for a while. Elevated pivot points give you that rearward travel that flows so well over the sharp hits but do not work well in the small ring. They spent over 2 years developing this product.


I love it but i dont have ISCG mount on my all-mtn bike. Some other disadvantages Weight: Photo of the Day: One is greater than two. I personally won’t be getting one soon, but I hope it has some success and sticks around.

Imagine never having to plan your shift. Just riding along, the HammerSchmidt performs exactly as described. I’ll do my best to answer how I see some of this playing out: Howerver we’ll have to consider doing this.

I can see in years time they will come out with an epileptic cassette for the rear. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

For the price it would need an excellent warranty.

Review: Truvativ HammerSchmidt AM Crankset

I would think this technology will definitely be popular with the singlespeed crowd though. LifeGiver Aug 16, at 7: The bashguard is useful. Shifting is done with a revised SRAM left side trigger, however, the lever hammrschmidt in reversed sequence? The single-ring is easily switched with a simple locking ring, without tools.

No fuss, no grinding. I say let em innovate! Our Story From The Intro. The real beauty in the HammerSchmidt is what it ultimately brings to AM and longer travel mountain bikes. On a full suspension bike, the Rohloff adds a significant amount of weight to the rear wheel unsprung mass which will adversely affect rear wheel traction.


Arioth Aug 14, at 2: Certainly, the very touchy dw-Link designs will not tolerate such an arbitrary shift in the diameter of the chainring. About Us Reviews Reviews See all. I still doubt that spares will be cheap compared to a new FD and really wonder up truvatv what point they’ll sell them but that is pure speculation! Then I’ll get one!

Truvativ HammerSchmidt preview – Pinkbike

Mobile Version of Website. I’d hate to see what labour would cost!!

Go on SRAM, send me one. Weight is not that much of an issue when its directly under the main mass of your body. I would buy one if it turns out to be reliable, low maintenance, lower price, and they put a lower chain tensioner on it.

Maybe someday they do version with clutch Great! The Sun and ring gears with the freewheeling ratchets exposed. Talkng of botom brackets, i noticed the drive side has small bearings, and loads of people have had problems with isis size bearings!

Brand new in the box. HandsomeDave Aug 14, at 1: We can put an end to all the rumors uammerschmidt speculations that have been inundating various MTB forums.

Props to any Co.