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I AM NOT RUTH BEEBE HILL and I’ve never been able to read “Hanta Yo” past the first few pages without laughing. Here’s an ASAIL review. Hanta Yo by Ruth Beebe Hill – book cover, description, publication history. Ruth Beebe Hill, rugged individual, linguist and hard-working writer, Hill’s epic Indian novel, “Hanta Yo,” 30 years in preparation and

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This book, also called the “Mystic Warrior” is one of my all time favorites. Her epic follows two Indian males as they progress through four stages of life — Child, Youth, Warrior, and Legend. It is only fiction. Die hard purists among rutb of Westerns will probably object to my placing it in “their” genre; the same may hold true, to a lesser de-gree, for fans of histori Before Jean M.

It was a large slice of life thirty years of plains drama.

I just don’t want to read it. After a lengthy, truth-seeking odyssey fraught with tragedy and sacrifice, Ahbleza assumes his rightful place as spiritual leader of his tribe. This is hands down one of hilll best historical fictions of the native First people I have ever read.

This book remains spellbinding and full of life. We were building the original foundry, which was actually the old Browning Merc coal shed, and Bob expected him to do a lot of hard labor.

The account is based on an actual series of events known from a “winter count”; a hide upon which was drawn the major events for a band of the tribe. It reminds me of Shogun because I get more and different details with each reading.

It is one of my all time favorite books. Hill claimed it was translated from modern English into an archaic Lakotah dialect and then back into the English of the Webster’s Dictionsary to give it authenticity to her portrayal of the tenor and flavor of the times.

In she graduated with a B. The author spent 25 years writing this profoundly spiritual novel, translating it from English into Sioux and then back into English to obtain the correct feel for the language of her characters. Someone else will have to follow the bisexual and exhibitionist strains from Dietrich and whether they attracted Rand and Hill.


It was the right of each person to decide. If you can take the violence of these warriors, you will be rewarded with a good read!

The Mystic Warrior – Wikipedia

None of the authors showed a passion or genuine interest in learning the Sioux ways or of being the instrument of understanding between the white man and the Sioux nation.

Apr 05, Jonna rated it it was amazing. It is through their experiences that the reader learns about the rich and complex culture in which these two friends lived. So don’t be taken aback by the size of the book. They translated the book into Dakota and back into English so that phrasing was authentic, as well as details. Although not a topic I was originally interested in, within a few pages I was hooked, hoping never to leave this wonderful world.

The g This accessibility of this book’s symbolism fell apart for me at the end — I just didn’t get what the visions meant — but it had potato-sized gold nuggets tumbling off pretty much every other page. Hill educates us by having her characters ask the questions that we would like to have answered.

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We learn that there is nothing un-natural and that when one doesn’t understand something it remains a mystery until a teacher comes along to set the conditions up so that one can answer the question for himself.


Granted, it was long. It follows a true line of events set down by those who recorded “yearly counts”. Buzzy got Bob in and saved his eye. In a very real sense Hanta Yo is a spiritual travelogue, for here are persons whose lives demonstrate a memorable example of habitual spiritual consciousness.

When the project finally aired on May 20 through 21,its running time and budget had been cut in half, and the producer was obliged to qualify the credits by noting that the teleplay was based partially on Hill’s book, but mostly on “other sources”.


Ruth Beebe Hill (1913–2015)

If you are Ihll American or just want to know more about them, this book is a must read!!! I think I will move on to the next. Lists with This Book. For those of you that don’t know, this book is an actual history of a tribe of Lakota, Sioux. Hanat is an in depth look at the way of life of the Dakota tribe on the Great Plains including everyday life, warfare, hunting and pursuit of the highest ideals and spiritual mysteries.

I read this book when it came out. Hill writes with haanta sing-song pace that quickly becomes easy on the mind. Even though it runs toover pages, I remember rtuh captivated the whole time I was reading it. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. The author not only had to learn the language, but also the conceptual framework from which the language arose, one completely different from the subject-object view that frames our language and understanding of the world.

I’ve never read it.

Hanta Yo, Hill’s only book, is more a life work than a novel. It goes against the grain for me to start a book and not finish it, but this one just didn’t do it for me. I respected everything I ever learned from John Fire Lame Deer, but the son was nothing like the father. Wolper announced plans for a ten-hour adaptation of Hanta Yoan epic historical novel by Ruth Beebe Hill.

Ganta Read Edit View history. Typical Westerns feature cowboys, gunfights, strong men, adventure, death; what an acquaintance of mine calls “horseshit and gunsmoke. Certainly it is not a book for everyone; perhaps not for many. Characters in the book will think about it each in their own way and by doing so we gain some understanding of it from different angles.