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Hi Friends, We are pleased to announce a new build of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition. It is a regularly scheduled maintenance and bugfix. Some time later, I’ve began experimenting with Harbour-C interface and MinGW compiler. I’ve finally realized that my old “dream” could be possible. Create a. Harbour MiniGUI `extended` (MinGW32 bundle). Contribute to Petewg/MgM development by creating an account on GitHub.

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There are many tiny projects too. It was in the yearI had seen a computer, first time in my life.

Situs ini menggunakan cookie. Thank you once again. This button can use images icons or bitmaps and text together. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Clipboard object providing the similar functionality.

Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition build is published –

Salam Harbour… kepada para master disini sekiranya ada yang tau ga harvour bikin kombinasi tombol? Not to waste the exam holidays, one of my friends had minnigui me to accompany him for a part time computer course in a near by Polytechnic College.

I would like to make a small suggestion regarding text boxes. Harbour download and compile. You are commenting using your WordPress.


It was in the mid,I could get an internet connection with a dial up modem. Necessity had driven me to do more and more programming. Official HMG includes the similar functionality for image buttons. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I was, why was?

Actually I had realized about the advantages of Open Source on seeing that library source codes. The Menu items supports Messages in the statusbar.

Harbour Minigui

I am not listing them to show my talents. I had tested a lot but could not use it because of SuperLib, as it could not be ninigui with Harbour.

Immediately on minifui my hello world prg, I had commented in the yahoo group from where I had downloaded the 0. I had so much of works before hand and I was involved in them for about 1 year.

The reason was, at that time, computers AT were costlier and one cannot take the risk of losing precious data and computers were operated only by computer professionals. Menu Skip to content. In the yearI had purchased a computer on my own, and started implementing something which I had studied some seven years back. A multi-platform toolkit minivui building graphical user interfaces.

I wish to be good for all. Roberto also liked and generously accepted to guide and participate in the forum.

This site uses cookies. Various sources for Harbour Minigui. The defined fonts will be released automatically at program release similar to Hotkeys. It is wonderful to use your Harbour Minigui Library, an open source library for Harbour. Groups and mailling lists: Updating of Tab control without any tabs in function UpdateTab.


Marinas | Viva Clipper !

Most of my programs are used in-house. How to build harbour for windows. Even though there was a computer in our office, I was not allowed to touch that. Mas Fajarsaat ini aplikasi yg saya kembangkan baru memakai 2 model database yaitu: This is mainly because of the single installation of the whole thing ie. Bos gimana ya caranya dapatkan xharbour linux mandriva ato ubuntu ya kalu bisa ya trhird partynya dan builder nyo saya pusing tujuh keliling bos cari cari susah dapatnya klu yang windows banyak pirusnya bos thanks.


Surel wajib Alamat takkan pernah dipublikasikan. Once understood, I had the confidence of creating bigger software too. Beri tahu saya komentar baru melalui email.

I could not link with my existing dbf tables and dropped.