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Helio Display Full seminar reports, pdf seminar abstract, ppt, presentation, project idea, latest technology details, Ask Latest information. The Heliodisplay is an air-based display using principally air that is already present in the . References[edit]. ^ ; ^ David Bernstein. Making Something Out of Nothing. December. i ABSTRACT It is an air based display, using principally air that is present in Though the image it 4 Heliodisplay uses a standard monitor VGA.

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Conventional displays have the benefit of being enclosed in a solid frame or case with lights shining directly towards the audience. Operating the device will not change a room’s environment, air quality or other conditions. The larger equipment such as the systems that project life-size people capable of image diagonals up to 2. These are the first Heliodisplay developed by the IO2 Technology.

The Heliodisplay can be abstrat i. With the supplied software installed, one can use a finger, pen, or another object as cursor control and navigate or interact with simple heliodispay. The display can create a true 3D hologram effect when the right content is used. Heliodisplay projections are suspended in thin air, so you will notice some waviness to the screen stability and the intensity and clarity of the image is subject to ambient light conditions and optimisation of display settings.

Heliodisplay can operate as a free-space touchscreen when the equipment is ordered as an interactive unit with embedded sensors in the equipment. Apart from displaying at a standard ratio of 4: Viewing requires no special glasses. The smaller Heliodisplay version is transportable at 4 kilograms 8.

Heliodisplay images are easily viewed in an office environment. In IO2 reintroduced the smaller format Heliodisplays along with the standard L large models that project approximately 2 meter tall image for lifesize person projections. Viewing any type of display in direct sunlight is almost impossible and also applies to the Heliodisplay.


Then mail to us immediately to get the full report. The image is display into two-dimensional space i. Various versions of the heliodisplay work predominantly from the surrounding air such as under museum environments where there are negligible affect to the surrounding space.

The original system used a CMOS camera and IR laser to track the position of a finger in mid-air and update the projected image to enable the first of its kind co-located display with mid-air controller interface.

The current version of the Heliodisplay projects a 22″ to 42″ depending on model diagonal image that floats above the device.

Abtract curtain is produced using similar ultrasonic technology as used in foggers and comprises a number of columns of fog. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Heliodisplay – Wikipedia

The Heliodisplay was invented by Mr. A tissue paper can be left on the exhaust side of the unit for a heliodispkay period without any affect of moisture to it as compared to other mist or fog generating equipment that relies more on pumping a liquid or vaporizer and thereby affecting the surrounding air.

Air comes heloodisplay the device, is modified then ejected and illuminated to produce the image. Like any computer monitor or TV, images appear brighter the lower the ambient light.

The M50 has a 50″ diagonal image, equivalent heliodiplay displaying a life-size head-and-shoulders person. The Heliodisplay connects to a computer at least: Dark background emphasizes the contrast of the image and is highly encouraged when designing a location to view the display. The second-generation Ehliodisplay Heliodisplay supports a 30″ image with It works as a kind of floating touch screen, making it possible to manipulate images projected in air with your hheliodisplay, and can be connected to a computer using a standard VGA connection.


Heliodisplay Published on Dec 12, The air-based system is formed by a series of metal plates, and geliodisplay original Heliodisplay could run for several hours although current models can operate continuously. This curtain is sandwiched between curtains of clean air to create an acceptable screen. Although the Heliodisplay uses lasers, the images are not holographic. Although Heliodisplay images are easily viewed in an office environment, this system is unique, and therefore has to compete with its surroundings, so contrast becomes paramount for optimal viewing.

Are you interested in this topic. The M30 is the updated version of the M3, which fits into the current model numbering system, 30 designating the diagonal screen size. The original prototype of used a PC that sees the Heliodisplay as a pointing device, like a mouse.

Images can be seen up to 75 degrees off aspect for a total viewing area of over degrees- similar to an LCD screen. They have all the above said properties. There is also an interactive version called the M3i.


Abstdact does not require any screen or substrate other than air to project its image, but it does eject a water-based vapour curtain for the image to be projected upon. The Heliodisplay is an air-based display using principally air that is already present in the operating environment room or space. Overall image performance fidelity and stability was further improved.

The Heliodisplay transforms water into a unique screen of fine vapour, suspended in mid-air to create a nearly invisible screen into which any image can be projected. Nothing is added to the air so there isn’t any harmful gas or liquid emitted from the device.