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Iamblichus was a Syrian Neoplatonist philosopher of Arab origin. He determined the direction . ; John F. Finamore and John M. Dillon, Iamblichus De Anima: Text, Translation, and Commentary, Leiden: Brill, , ISBN Iamblichus (), successor to Plotinus and Porphyry, brought a new of the fragments of Iamblichus’ major work on the soul, De Anima, is accompanied. two at in de Anima , 40 f. implied that there were none 2. Thus he did not discuss specifically the possibility that one was written by Iamblichus. His view has.

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Text, Translation and Notes. As a speculative theory, Neoplatonism had received its highest development from Plotinus. Iamblichussuccessor to Plotinus and Porphyry, brought a new religiosity to Neoplatonism.

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Iamblichus – Wikipedia

King – – Dissertation, University of British Columbia. The actual text of Iamblichus’ De Anima is lost and only survives as extracts in Stobaeus. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Science Logic and Mathematics. Iamblichus – – Phanes Press. The notes of his successors, especially Proclusas well as his five extant books and the sections of his great work on Pythagorean philosophy also reveal much of Iamblichus’ system.

At the head of his system, Iamblichus placed the transcendent incommunicable “One”, the monadwhose first principle is intellect, nous.

Still, the treatise certainly originated from his school, and in iakblichus systematic attempt to give a speculative justification of the polytheistic cult practices of the day, it marks a turning-point in the history of thought where Iamblichus stood.


Only a fraction of Iamblichus’ books have survived. He was also renowned for his charity and self-denial.

Iamblichus’ De Anima

Iambkichus too are excerpts from the Pseudo-Simplicius and Priscianus also translated with commentary that shed further light on Iamblichus’ treatise. Hamlyn – – Journal of Hellenic Studies Little Miss Esoteric marked it as to-read Sep 09, Refresh and try again. Lilit marked it as to-read Oct 27, Wikisource has original works written by or about: Finamore – – In H. Aroundhe returned to Syria to found his own school at Apamea near Antiocha city iambpichus for its Neoplatonic philosophers.

Iamblichus – – Brill. Request removal from index. More Options Prices excl. John Finamore and John Dillon. The theorems of mathematics, he says, apply absolutely to all things, from things divine to original matter. Iamblichus and Henads Again. John marked it as to-read Aug 20, One should keep in mind that Iamblichus’ work here only amounts to about 25 pages; 25 pages of Greek text on the left page and 25 pages of English translation on the righ This was definitely an excellent presentation of a fragmentary text.

It often confirmed how I’ve been reading the Neo-Platonists. Books Ii and Iii. He was also the biographer of Pythagoras iamglichus, [5] [6] a Greek mystic, philosopher and mathematician.

Morghan marked it as to-read Jan 24, He was the son of a rich and illustrious family, and he is said to have been the descendant of several priest-kings of the Arab Royal family of Emesa.


He disagreed with Porphyry over the practice of theurgy ; Iamblichus responds to Porphyry’s criticisms of theurgy in a book attributed to him, De Mysteriis Aegyptiorum On the Egyptian Mysteries.

This edition of the aniima of Iamblichus’ major work on the soul, “De Anima,” is accompanied by the first English translation of the work and a commentary which explains the philosophical background and Iamblichus’ doctrine of the soul.

John Dillon, Jackson Hershbell: Besides these, Proclus seems to have ascribed to him the authorship of the celebrated treatise Theurgiaor Anmia the Egyptian Mysteries.


Between the two worlds, at once separating and uniting them, some scholars think there was inserted by lamblichus, as was afterwards by Proclusa third sphere partaking of the nature of both. I don’t necessarily need that confirmation, but it’s good to see that scholars have been catching the same things.

Philosopher and Man of Gods.

Gavin Flood – – Philosophy East and West 61 4: Iamblichus, the Exhortation to Philosophy: Next to De Mysteriis it is, hands down, the most important of his works. De Anima, Books Ii and Iii.