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NEWMAN, HN; () AN INTERDENTAL DENUDATION PROCEDURE IN THE TREATMENT OF IRREGULAR BONE DEFECTS. J DENT RES, 63 (4) Author: Prichard JF, Journal: Journal of periodontology[/09]. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Regeneration of the interdental soft tissue following denudation procedure | The present study investigated the location of the.

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Various types of soft tissue grafts interdetnal be performed when recession is deep and marginal tissue health cannot be maintained. How to cite this article: Double papilla flap technique for dual purpose. India Source of Support: Six months postoperative photograph. Treatment of localized gingival recessions. A comparison of three denjdation to obtain root coverage on mandibular incisors. This case report presents the advantages of double papilla flap in enhancing esthetic and functional outcome of the patient.

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Present state of the interdental denudation procedure.

P Mohan Kumar Flat No. Note 3 mm keratinized gingiva measured from mucogingival junction to marginal gingiva Click here to view. It is associated with sensitivity, tissue irritation, cervical abrasions, and esthetic concerns. Laterally positioned mucoperiosteal pedicle grafts in the treatment of denuded roots. This article has been cited by. Repair of a dentogingival defect with a pedicle flap.

It also offers the advantage of quicker healing in the donor site and reduces the risk of facial bone height loss. A bilaminar reconstructive procedure for the coverage of denuded root surfaces.

The subepithelial connective graft: Note the recession coverage in relation to 44 Click here to view. None, Conflict of Interest: The double papilla repositioned flap in periodontal therapy. Double papilla flap is an alternative technique to cover isolated recessions and correct gingival defects in areas of insufficient attached gingiva, not suitable for a lateral sliding flap.

One week postoperative photograph. Attached gingiva, keratinized gingiva, marginal tissue recession. Related articles Attached gingiva keratinized gingiva marginal tissue recession. The effectiveness of in vivo root planning in removing bacterial endotoxin from the roots of periodontally involved teeth.


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About Journal About us Editorial board. J Periodontal Res ; Search Search articles Advanced search Medline search.

Horizontal incisions placed in relation to 44 by using B. Jones W, O’Leary T. Partial thickness flap elevated Click here to view. How to cite denudatio URL: A biomedical approach to periodontal regeneration: Tetracycline treatment conditions dentin surfaces.

Suturing done by coated vicryl suture Click here to view. J Orofac Sci ;4: This technique offers the advantages of dual blood supply and denudation of interdental bone only, which is less susceptible to permanent damage after surgical exposure. Comparison of preoperative and postoperative measurements Click here to view.

Repair of gingival defects by a sliding flap operation.