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: Introduction to Typology: The Unity and Diversity of Language: Lindsay J. Whaley. Introduction to Typology assumes neither prior knowledge of typology nor extensive background in linguistics, making it useful as a primary Lindsay J. Whaley. and linguistic analysis, Introduction to Typology overviews the major grammatical categories and constructions in the world’s languages. Lindsay J. Whaley.

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SchuhRussell G.

Introduction to Typology: The Unity and Diversity of Language

The meaning of words and units smaller than words. Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the intrdouction feature.

Showing of 3 reviews. A comparative term that indicates the unit that bears greater formal substance. A proposal that concepts tend to be lexicalized according to their likelihood to persist through time. An Introduction to a Polynesian Outlier Language. Cross-Linguistic Similarities and Divergences. A strategy for coordination of clauses that consists of simply placing the clauses in sequence.

Hixkaryana and Linguistic Typology.

University of California Publications in Linguistics KeenanEdward L. Deictic words, such as here, nowand hedo not have a set reference but vary in meaning depending on the context in which they arise.


HopperPaul J. The omission of part of a structure that is recoverable from the context. Pragmatics of Word Order Flexibility.

A clause in which the verb does not have a direct object. A universal that relates two properties of language by using one property as a precondition for the other.

The set of languages used for intriduction particular research project. Cross-Linguistic Regularities and Pragmatic Principles. A relative clause that does not appear to modify any noun. Astrid Virding Production Assistant: Noun Phrase Accessibility Hierarchy. State U of New York.

A Relational Grammar of Kinyarwanda. These groupings are largely, although not completely, uncontroversial and can be established quite easily using the conventional tools of historical linguistics. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Combining Functional and Formal Approaches to Language photocopied material. Kathleen Derby Production Editor: MarlettStephen A. The Grammar of Causative Constructions. Unfortunately, the relationship between formal theorists and typologists has been anything but symbiotic through the years.

A grammatical category which is used to express the temporal relationship that a proposition has to the moment of speech or some other time. The final three parts focus on the comparison and classification of particular grammatical constructions rather than languages as wholes.


Introduction to Typology: The Unity and Diversity of Language – Lindsay J. Whaley – Google Books

A case system in which S and P are marked in the same way, but typokogy from A, where S is the sole argument of an intransitive predicate, A is equivalent to the subject of a transitive predicate, and P is equivalent to the object of a transitive typlogy.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? U of Hawaii P. A sentence that expresses a statement. Looking at a language at a single stage in its development. Its Scope and Limits. FoleyWilliam A.

A category of words, such as nouns or verbs, that share certain semantic, morphological, or syntactic properties, or all three. Matrix clauses contrast with embedded clauses.