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Toshiba Satellite Pro L L L Inventec PT10SC AMB-A03 .zip. File size: KB. Views: Service manuals, Schematics > Motherboards > Inventec. Download Free. Inventec Harvey 14 CR/HR A Inventec PT10SC A Esquema Elétrico INVENTEC PT10SC A Satellite L Download:

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Y’re right it’s 0. How can we set socket processor to perform disconnection of one phase differently?

HP Compaq b • Notebook1 форум

Try to turn on the laptop with one module DDR separately in each slot. Add Failing Toshiba tested with debug card, code stops at 78 -Bios is InsideH20, didn’t find meaning of this code?

Still try to lt10sc one of the phases.

Multimers you have is working? Separately from the battery work? Recommendinstall, post-map in different working laptops and record post-codes, or create a video pass codes.

Toshiba was returned to customer without repair on his request. Invemtec the cmos batteryshort-circuit kontaktytry to boot without the cmos batteryand then together with her.

Notebook1 форум

Processor with only one phase is not working! Tested Whether Replacing with A Known good components: This topic can be closed. Does this code error pinpoint any failure? Toshiba L shuts down after 2 seconds display.


Tested whether replacing with a known good components: Who is the manufacturer of the BIOS? If not availablethen ordered. Will move on other repairs, and give feed back on Toshiba in some days. Voltages measured with DC plugged in invrntec laptop off: Oh, I just realized that you reply to my last post.

The battery is charging? I got the idea of invebtec my own database for post-codes of working laps, but creating video pass codes this is very interesting so thank you for the recommendation. Maybe try to delete this pin to the ground?

Toshiba Satellite L300 Disassembly, Sudden Shutdown Fix, NEC TOKIN Replacement1

I think that CPU is not in function mode, isn’t it? AF then stops at code If problem is not solved, thereafter.

It’s low and should be so, I think!! I think this signal must be low level I think the diagram incorrectly drawn. Replace the North bridge To throw this laptop in the garbage.

You can try to set the values VID0-VID6 manually at a certain value invwntec to compare the received voltage with a voltage in the Datasheet. Measured voltages with my analog multimeter found correct voltages:.

I ‘ll agree then, that’ll be the best way to solve definitely the issue!! If there is, it’s faster to install a known working PWM. Voltages at G pins: It is through this contact output PWM determines that the processor has a normal contact with the case a common ground wire.


Also, In Schema and Manual I dont see any indication!

Инструкции по ремонту, Схемы > Материнские платы > Inventec. Скачать Бесплатно.

I’m not sure you can check this PWM without a processor. I think this signal must be low level. Lap when switched on with DC only, led sequence is the following: But your suggestion to check the above components, is likely to put me on the right track!

Thank you for the bios codes links, I knew only bios central, the 2 other links are very useful. This signal should be generated when the ADP Thank you for your good support. Will confirm pt110sc after checking a working Toshiba L whether this signal should be normally high or low. Try to turn the laptop from a laboratory power supply with setting the supply voltage is pt1s0c volts and a current of 4. Doing it for further analysis in the repair.

It should be made conditions: