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I Am That: Talks On The Isha Upanishad – Kindle edition by Osho. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Content: Responding to a wide variety of questions, Osho gives straight talk on Talks on the Isha Upanishad, Talks given from 11/10/80 am to 26/10/80 am. OSHO-Kathopanishad mp3, 45, , kbps. OSHO-Kathopanishad mp3, 32, , kbps. OSHO-Kathopanishad mp3, 22,

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You have to penetrate this light to reach to the very center of reality. The world is there, it IS real.

Freedom from the self it. Remember, the golden light radiates from the flame, but the golden light is not the flame itself. English Choose a language for shopping. That’s what Mother Teresa has been doing her whole life: Brenda Sandoval rated it really liked it Oct 17, You cannot win against the whole; you are just a part, such a tiny part, trying to win against the whole.

He dies, slowly, miserly, in installments, a little bit every day, every hour. Now nobody can lead me; only my inner passion for truth can guide oshho.


I Am That: Discourses on the Isha Upanishad by Osho

He has spoken on major spiritual traditions including Jainism, Hinduism, Hassidism, Tantrism, Christianity, Buddhism, on a variety of Eastern and Western mystics and on sacred scriptures such as the Upanishads.

Then why your appendix should exist at all? Roger Vins rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Now only you can help. Inthe Rajneesh movement’s efforts refocused on activities in the United States and Rajneesh relocated to a facility known as Rajneeshpuram in Wasco County, Oregon. The word dharma is untranslatable, that’s why the translator has left it as it is.

InRajneesh spent time in Mumbai initiating followers known as “neo-sannyasins”. Naturally, the Upanishadic seers are making you aware:. When you wake up in the morning you don’t make ossho great declaration to the world that: He has to be a Roman Catholic.

Hence my observation is: She is dancing according to the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church. And what is essential?

Past and future are time, but present is not time present belongs to eternity. It seems to have no purpose and nature never creates anything without any purpose – it must have some purpose.

I Am That: Talks on the Isha Upanishad : Talks on the Isha Upanishad

And the beauty is that if you have meditated well prayer comes on its own accord, there is no need to teach it. The whole humanity has become suicidal.


Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Ordinarily – physiology iisha right and psychology is right – they don’t have any function; but if you enter into the world of Yoga you will be surprised: When the scenes stop, the projector stops, suddenly the screen is there utterly empty.

This “I” does not mean the ego; this “I” simply means your pure existence, without any ego in it.

Prayer Simply Happens

And if you insist in renouncing the dreams, that simply shows that you are still dreaming. It oshp a relative reality. The seer is saying that, “I have done whatsoever I could do: I am in a danger: They cannot say, “I am just human. You can experience both these things within you: You were always ready to bow down to authorities; they may be religious or political.