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These excerpts are extracted from Jacob Needleman’s book, Money and the Meaning of Life, New York: Currency Doubleday, , Chapters 13, 14 & Amit (Host): Today, our guest is none other than Jacob Needleman, someone who really embodies today’s theme and hopefully we’ll be able to. Called Money and the Meaning of Life, the author is Jacob Needleman, a professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University.

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Plenty of people mewning written about being spiritual about money, but I found that mostly unworkable and somewhat hypocritical. How did consciousness about money come to be so taboo? Drop me a note we can see where we can go from there.

We do have these moments in our life that only last a moment very often, but we do have them, of great presence. Feb 19, Hank rated it it was amazing.

thw Jerry would you feel comfortable sharing one of your own personal discoveries or your process regarding your own examination in the evolution your relationship with money and how it altered your living, perhaps an example when you were early on in this process? First by creating the space in your life for doing things which are absolutely unmotivated by money, which has to do with self-knowledge and spiritual work and serving others in the way they need.

It has entered into needlemab aspects of our culture; it is one of the great overwhelming forces that influence our life. An Interview with Dr. If you will let me have sometime to ponder I can answer you by e-mail.

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It tends to meander about and not really to my taste but I am glad I read it it was assigned to me in a management class years ago and I never got around to reading it decided to clear off my shelves jqcob someday books and this is one more off my list. It can make you jacon powerful and giddy. Kuleana is the same word they use for responsibility. People can be obsessed with money, but that doesn’t mean they take it seriously.


There are enormous, profound questions of a time and place about relation between the socially conditioned self which sometimes people call the “ego,” and this inner voice pife calls to us in special moments in which we really don’t know how to open up to in a way that it can enter into our outer life.

The strange paradox is that money is nothing; it’s “just paper,” as people say, and yet the “bottom line” is it’s taken to be the most real thing in life.

Not much; it represents one of the worlds in this culture. The cultivation of the capacity to step back from one’s own reactions, emotions, behavior, and thoughts is to find the Self that is untouched by all of that, but is aware of it. When everything is quick and fast and easy, a certain part of ourselves is fed while another part withers away.

Money & the Meaning of Life

I read “Lost Christianity. What does it mean to you, when you say that making money is interesting? Money is a brilliant and ingenious invention which has helped people materially. There are ways of studying your own life that will actually make a difference. Insofar as the doorway to the divine is a difficult and narrow fo which requires a lot of honesty about ourselves, money is a golden key. Every impulse, every perception within ourselves is related to the money factor—or, to be more exact, the principle of personal gain.

You have no doubt seen how loving families behave particularly in cases of large wealthy families, or any family really where kife is any kind of wealth, or any kind of inheritance, you yourself have no doubt seen how people behave when the will ndedleman about to be read.

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To study money is to study a very large part of what we are. What a human being is? The real meaning of life comes when you feel and know that there is a connection. People governing themselves, neeldeman we have no help, no protection… Yes, if we all were sort of more or less saintly it would be great.

Money And The Meaning Of Life

We need to go back into our childhood perhaps and try to see how we were introduced through money, very often families’ fights about money and conflicts about money. If we wish for merely unconscious survival, it means that we wish to be only animals or computers, beings that eat, reproduce, react, or think without self-awareness. We are that which relates these two levels or forces together. And this awareness appears in the first instance as an acceptance of the incompatibility of these two worlds.

Money and the Meaning of Life by Jacob Needleman.

Money is another major conundrum in my life, so I thought I would have a look at this book, which actually, in an odd way, has much the same message as What is God? Is that what you are saying? Even in the language of money, there are phrases like “you forgive a debt”, “You make a covenant”, “you have a grace period”, “you are granted a loan”.

There is no method that works. And in a way what we are asking and what you ask is the age old question.