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Jacques Ravatin left us in March It is by this interview of – below – that we discovered it. It was the continuation and synthesis of a. , French, Book, Illustrated edition: Théorie des formes et des champs de cohérence / Jacques Ravatin, Anne-Marie Branca. Ravatin, Jacques, Jacques Ravatin. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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Ravatin, Jacques [WorldCat Identities]

And the radical modifications we obtain on the inorganic matter are the best experimental confirmation of the Taofel Field hypothesis: Q — This is a justification of the beliefs in the powers of the name, the rhythmic incantation and the sacred music jaxques.

We treated a table oil with very high Taofel Fields: Q — Can you cite a case of transition to Elsewhere via a Fractal Object? The conformation of the device of activation according to the invention is capable different modifications.

A mode prefered of realization of the invention consists in using, for the construction of the final curve CN, of elongated left cycloid.

Soon we will start experiments on polluted water: In hole 5 one inserts into force a eavatin not represented traversed by fluid or conductive electric traversed by an electrical current, in order to apply has this fluid or with this electrical ravtin the emissions due to form 1.

The Great Pyramid was recently the subject of a research mission led by one of the best mathematicians-analysts in the United States.

Nevertheless, it would be necessary to read and re-read them. According to an advantageous characteristic of the invention, the frame is made in a material, preferably out of a natural material, of which the structure, with the level of fibres or the crystalline level, is directed or has itself of remarkable symmetries. But I must say that it is not the Technical Object itself that is to be questioned.


Thus preserving the body of the deceased, one keeps the possibility to act on his Ext and thus on the deceased person. One can also apply the invention with the glazings of greenhouses, of buildings, with the bezels with colorless and coloured glasses, windshields of cars and to bottles intended for containment ravtin liquid food, or of the fragrances, or solutions of medical treatments.

Remote recovery of a disturbed Vital Field. For example, a mercury of density instead of The according device with the present invention comprises essentially a geometric form with symmetry of revolution in the axis of which passes the fluid one in movement or the conductive one traversed by an electrical current.

Downstream from this last the tank 3 is laid out of extended of fluid which is capable to be delivered under pressure via the gas 63 conduit described previously. The next day, Tartini began to transcribe the music heard but could never write the complete piece. Also claimed is an activation process using the above devices, where the fluid is circulated through the treatment unit using compressed gas at a pressure of bar. The Taofel Fields on which we operate today are much higher and infinitely more dangerous.

In one case as in the other, Jacques Ravatin seemed to us capable of taking his responsibilities.

In this glass cylinder surrounded by a double helix with minutely established characteristics, are immersed mineral forms that give the water very high emissions. The according device and the process with the invention are capable numerous applying, in addition to the activation of fluid itself.

Expect many new articles on shape emission technology. Moreover, one knows by at-AAT-A and AT-A [ Schauberger ], of the water pipelines of else particular form, allowing the regulation of torrents or river.


The unit of treatment 2 is laid out immediately downstream from the tank of inlet 1, and includes, in addition to two conduits 5 of ravatn previously described, an intermediate tank 8 laid out between these two conduits 5.

Ravatin, Jacques 1935-

If an individual knows how to place himself in dynamic duality with the Ext ajcques the Pyramid, extraordinary possibilities are offered to him: This activation persists and is stabilized, same when the fluid one does not circulate any more, when the conduits are made out of particular alloys.

Enables the process of essential transformation of various substances. They are based on the properties of Numbers considered as entities with a given coefficient of existence or non-existence.

The octagonal wooden frame was replaced by a sided polygon, the electric tension was considerably increased, and so on.

Apparatus for Amplifying Emissions Due to Shapes – Patents by Jacques Ravatin of ARK’all

According to an advantageous characteristic of the invention, the frame is made in a material, ravwtin out of a natural material, of which the structure, with the level of fibres or the crystalline level, is directed or has itself of remarkable symmetries. I started looking for what I call non-Cartesian systems. Living cells immersed in this jacqes acquire biological properties that can be used in the treatment of polluted water.

It is a man and a woman of which, apart from the skeleton, only the vascular system remains: There is not thus a stringent construction like that which one applique in the theory of the said objects fractals but it is to some extent a generalization of the concept of fractal object.