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Kashf-ul-Mahjoob (کشف المحجوب), or Kashf al-Mahjub, is the first ever Persian book written on the philosophy and practice of Tasawwuf (Islamic. The Kashf al-Mahjub (The Revelation of the Veiled) of Ali b. ‘Uthman al-Jullabi Hujwiri. An early Persian Treatise on Sufism (Old) (Persian Edition) (Persian). Editorial Reviews. About the Author. translated by Reynold A Nicholson : The Kashf al-Mahjub (The Revelation of the Veiled) of Ali b. ‘ Uthman.

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The fundamental principle of remembrance of God dhikr is either in absence ghaybat or in presence hudur.

The Kashf al-Mahjub

Paradise is created, whereas love is an uncreated attribute of God. Uncovering of Eleventh Veil: Whoever is familiar with sensual affections is separated from God, and whoever is separated from sensual kaxhf is dwelling maujub God. They go about with form and think it is reality. He was a Sufi mystic who travelled widely in the Middle East and Transoxiana. Now that the Apostle has commanded you, obey his orders.

Subscribe to this RSS feed. Retrieved from ” https: He made the acquaintance of a large number of Shaykhs.

CHAPTER XI of Kashf al-Mahjub

Truth and idle fancy la agree. The young man fell into a sickness. Sensual men consider anyone to be devout who complies with their inclinations, even though he be a heretic, and anyone to be irreligious who thwarts their desires, even though he be a pietist.

He was a great Sufi and of royal descent. If all the world acted with the veracity of Abu Bakr, the gain would be wholly theirs, and if with the falsehood of Pharaoh, the loss would be wholly theirs, as God hath said: Sumnun turned to the lamps and said: Why, then, is it heretical to wear a lawful garment, procured from a lawful place, and purchased with mwhjub money?


Original sayings and exalted signs mahjkb vouchsafed to him.

Revelation of the Veiled Urdu: I took hold of its tail and it dragged me out. His sermons were unequalled for beauty of language and elegance of exposition.

Those who have become fixed mutamakkin are not veiled from God by the whole universe: Had his religion been suspected, Shibli would not have said: He is one of the eminent Sufis of past times. I have seen at Baghdad and in the adjoining districts a number of heretics who pretend to be the followers of al-Hallaj and make his sayings an argument for their heresy zandaqa and call themselves Hallajis.

University of California Press. Ordinary people seek indulgences to keep them selves within the pale of the sacred law, but the elect practise self-mortification to feel the fruit thereof in their hearts. He had done service to the Forty who possess the rank of fixity sahib tamkin and received instruction from them.

Mawlana Sayyid Abdus-Salam Haswi d. After his conversion he never ate any food except what jashf had earned by his own labour. It is recorded that he said: His tomb is still to be seen at Merv, and people come thither to seek what they desire; and their prayers are granted. He wrote brilliant works on the science of ethics and the detection of spiritual cankers.


He was like a king in Nishapur, save that the glory of kings is in this world, while his was in the next world. Views Read Edit View history. But he is clear of all that is alleged against him.

Kashf ul Mahjoob – Wikipedia

Speech is permissible to him alone whose silence is injurious to religion, and whose speaking would remove the injury. Return, there fore, and try to please her.

This is a clear explanation of the superiority of poverty to wealth. All this shows his hatred of the world and its people, and his contempt for its gauds, and his refusal to abase himself before worldlings for the sake of worldly gain. FaLang translation system by Faboba. The latter possess the Truth and are without conceit, whereas the former possess conceit and are without the Truth.

Kashf al-Mahjub of al-Hajvari. Let him seek learning and gnosis in himself, and let him demand practice and reality from himself. On seeing this, all the Egyptians felt remorse and repented of the injustice which they had done to him. One day, after his return to Nishapur, mahjkb was sitting in his shop listening to a blind man who was reciting the Koran in the bazaar.