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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications. De la subjetivité dans le langage. Paris: Armand Colin. Kerbrat-Orecchioni, C. ( ). La enunciación de la subjetividad en el discurso. Buenos Aires: Hachette. Jorge Adoum, Mago JEFA – El Aprendiz y Sus Misterios · Cmmi Dev v12 Spanish · Cratilo · Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.

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Mujica represents the leader who has come to challenge the existing power structure and who proposes an alliance to the balkanized left through the entry of the MLN-T to the FrenteAmpliowith the ultimate aim of gaining power.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun Kerbrat-Orecchioni.jpg

Thecentral message in this speech is the historic decision of the Tupamaro National Orrcchioni Movement MLN-T, acronym in Spanish to abandon arms and return to the political arena as a legitimate political force. This new paradigm that Mujica encourages has its origins in an invariant nucleus of ideas and values that he has long possessed, guided by a worldview or W eltanschauung that governs his enunciaion field, and a system of multiple strategic variations he uses to expand it, whilstantagonizing with his present adversary.

Said interpretation accentuated the Uruguayan ethos 4 with its distinguishing character, sentiment, and guiding beliefs. Rural upheavals took place as early as and paved the way towards a longstanding divide between the city and the countryside. In the background of all of his speeches an invisible script or subtext is perceived, which unifies his discursive strategies and contains moral underpinnings, an inter-subjective discourse reflective of popular language, philosophic bases of ideals and a call to action.

The struggle for power starts at the core of his political group and gradually extends outwards with time. El cielo por asalto: He defines the caudillo as a cultural hero who awakens a collective identityin his followers The deictics and subjectivemes in Kerbrat-Orecchioni had to be complemented with other notions so as to be able to analyze the paradigmatic enunciations and discursive strategies of the President.


This oral tradition spread to the covert language used in clandestinity by the Tupamaros 14 and to the practice of having to memorize facts instead of documenting them in writing. This partially explains the absence of original source documentation for this study The fourth milestone corresponds to the presidential address of 1 March D4, Her approach is outlined in figure 1. From enuncaicion perception and invariant nucleus of values, Mujica manages to install a worldview and paradigm for interpreting reality in his listeners, whether they are old militant comrades, orecchionk from the Uruguayan Left, Uruguayan citizens or economic groups with present or future interests in the country.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun – Wikimedia Commons

The government myth underlying the political communication program. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework. At a conceptual level, this construction of image is of interest given the nexus that exists between the ethos and the reflexive nature of enunciation. Thereby, ethos forms an intrinsic part of the image that Mujica creates of kernrat and of hisaddressees through enunciation.

It is worth recalling that the invariant nucleus remains stable across his discursive field. The two traditional political parties acted under the same power paradigm resulting from the signature of the political pact called Pacto de la Cruz and whenthe National Party or Partido Nacional came out losing. The paradigmatic plane forms a vertical and invisible axis which travels through the syntagmatic plane and guides its deeper meaning.

He strategically appeals to the loyalty of militants who continued to support theirleaders while in prison. Given the scarcity of revolutionary narratives and literature that provide firsthand accounts of Tupamaro history, secondary sources were consulted Consequently, this case studycan serve as an initial step for replicability to other corpora of political speeches.


These milestones clearly emerge from his political biography and identify the moments when he earned positions of power. Subjectivity in the political language of president Mujica: French linguist and discourse analyst Dominique Maingueneau enunciacio understands ethos as a constituent element of discourse and writes: El Socialismo y el Hombre Nuevo.

La subjetividad en el discurso político del presidente Mujica: la construcción de su relato

And it is good that the Left start actingquickly to rethink our national history and then recreate our own goals. The enunciation act is at the same time a reply and an anticipated reply. Consequently, the discursive field of the political depends on the leading role of the subject in relation to other potential enunciators, and therefore enunciation theory is clearly central for evaluating the dynamics of inter-subjectivity, which is built through the identity and the narrative of the enunciating subject, who designs his utterances in response to other utterances during the process of meaning production and reception.

Therestricted sense analyzes the traces a speaker leaves in his utterances, whereas the extended sensegives consideration to the participants, the situation, the spatiotemporal conditions and the general conditions of message production and reception Kerbrat-Orecchioni.

Constituyente piso 6 rucp cienciassociales.

On June 16 th upon his return from exile he was arrested by the military who took him to the Trinity jail where he was held captive throughout the presidential elections. Sinceethos underlies theenunciational performance, Mujica sets himself on stagediscursively phonetically, syntactically, through gesture, etc.