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Prayers for Bobby () is a United States television movie, based on the book of the same name by Leroy F. Aarons. It is based on the true story of the life of. Bobby Griffith was an all-American boy and he was gay. Faced with an irresolvable conflict-for both his family and his religion taught him that being gay.. . Prayers for Bobby: A Mother’s Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son [ Leroy Aarons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bobby.

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I felt Mary’s confusion, anger, and helplessness. I recommend this to anyone who wants to understand how real and painful words, said and unsaid, can be and how they take their tole. I knew I was very individual and maybe even a little different in the eyes of my friends. Such a shame the church was so concerned on what others would think that they totally let Bobby down Theatre Works produced the original work in His incorporation of Bobby’s diary entries and the flashbacks of Mary’s early life was a great addition to this book.

The book isn’t told in narrative form as much as a back and forth leading up to the event of Bobby’s suicide and its aftermath. He was raised in a family that was ignorant about homosexuality, and who did not know how to handle his decision to come out. It is a story about overcoming.

Leroy F. Aarons – Wikipedia

I absolutely hate left-handed people. As a mother, I cannot even imagine what Mary went through when she realized her mistake. At the TribuneAarons quickly rose to executive editor and then to senior vice president for news, where he worked for greater staff diversity.

Fear of losing a friend or the respect of a family member is terrifying, and the actual loss can be devastating.

Story about a high praers teenager who realizes that he is gay and finds it extremely difficult for his Presbyterian Church not accept gays or lesbians into their congregation. Homosexuals are doomed to spend eternity in hell. The movie brought out so much emotion in me, that I was really looking forward to this book. I just found it to be too text-book-y and disconnected.


Prayers for Bobby: A Mother’s Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son by Leroy Aarons

Another reason I write this is so that long after I die, others may have a chance to read about me and see what my life as a young person was likeā€¦. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I believe that God was pleased with Bobby’s kind and loving spirit. She was a traditional ‘s wife and mother. Feb 03, Tony rated it it was amazing. Has anyone here read Prayers For Bobby 20 59 Dec 23, Prayers for Bobby discussion 1 2 Oct 31, Eight months ago my son jumped off a bridge and killed himself.

The time period covered in the book focuses on the late eighties and the nineties, before most mainline denominations started to flr that how the church treated its homosexual members was one of the biggest moral issues of the time. The crucial role of religion in the life of Bobby’s mother is examined in the leeoy 75 pages.

The Griffiths’ story resonated with Aarons’ own transformation as an openly gay journalist and activist. And of course the book is always better. S This was an incredibly impactful book not only because it brings into focus the horrible reality aaorns rejection ptayers discrimination that so many young gay people face, but also because it’s a great example of self-imposed ignorance cured and turned into something that has and still does benefit gay people everywhere.

This was a bit tedious for me and I skimmed a lot of it. This book was a lifesaver then as it helped me sort out my family, my thoughts, my feelings and brought resolution to my heart and mind. It asks the elroy question of all parents — do you want a gay son or a dead son? I couldn’t possibly rate it. I only feel that way because the information isn’t current anymore. He vascilated between pleading with God to change him and cursing God for leaving him alone.


Unfortunately, his Mother, who is very religious believes that Bobby’s “affliction” is caused by the Devil and that he is being lured into this lifestyle and that God will heal him.

Be the first to discover new talent! I think the final chapter about “current” by which I mean, current in when the book was published events was unnecessary and I hate to sa I watched the movie which is based on this life story before reading the book.

The book really hits home at just how much kids in America have suffered in silence, with no one to turn to all because of their sexual orientation. It is interesting to note that the majority of countries with the highest rate of youth suicide are also the ones that are the most homophobic. This is an utterly remarkable praeyrs about an otherwise loving mother who raises her gay son under the homophobic pressure of Christian fundamentalism–until he commits suicide.

Aarons closed his speech by coming out to his peers. This is the sad story of a young man who just wants to love and be loved in return that takes his own life.

Prayers for Bobby

Aarons Scholarship Award for a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender student pursuing a journalism career. The trailer for it looks pretty good but I haven’t seen the movie yet.

This book, first published inbecame a film by the same title starring Sigourney Weaver as Mary Griffith. Her story is one of the dominant narratives depicting the terrible impact of homophobia on families.