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En ortopedia, la lesión de Bankart es una rotura de la parte anteroinferior del reborde glenoideo o labrum glenoideo de la escápula, a consecuencia de una luxación anterior de hombro. Perthes lesion is variant of Bankart lesion, presenting as an anterior glenohumeral injury that occurs when the scapular periosteum remains intact but is stripped. Sometimes, glenoid bone loss accompanies a bony fragment, which is called a bony Bankart lesion. This is observed in.

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Some reported that it was sufficient to fix a fragment back to the glenoid even though the fragment size was much smaller than the size of the glenoid defect. Assessment of the glenoid defect There are various methods of assessing the bony defect of the glenoid, such as radiography, 15 – 17 CT, 18 3D CT, 19 MRI 20 and arthroscopy. The head dislocates anteroinferiorly relative to the trunk, but anteriorly relative to the scapula.

Shoulder MR – Instability

Quantification of a glenoid defect with three-dimensional computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging: The anterior capsule is tight; b with a large glenoid bony defect arrowthe end-range stability is still well preserved after the Bankart repair because the repaired capsule is tight and prevents the anterior translation of the humeral head. La Chirurgia degli organi di movimento ; Bankart lesions do heal, and therefore early surgical intervention if any is not required.

Bony Bankart lesion The above mentioned treatment strategy is for the erosion hombfo of glenoid bone loss. The arrow points to the cartilage defect.


‘On-track’ and ‘off-track’ shoulder lesions

How to identify and calculate glenoid bone deficit. About Blog Go ad-free. The tight capsulo-ligamentous structure functions as a stabiliser of the humeral head in the direction of the tight capsule. Lee for their support in the serial works on shoulder instability.

Case 10 Case At the end-range of movement, a part of the shoulder joint capsule becomes tight and prevents further movement of the arm. Sometimes the displacement is difficult to appreciate, especially when the transscapular-Y view is slightly rotated. For the former, there are two methods: The term “bony Bankart” contrasted with “fibrous Bankart” is often used to refer to fracture of the adjacent anteroinferior glenoid, an injury which also commonly occurs in the setting of anterior glenohumeral dislocation.

A HSL, which stays on the glenoid track on-track lesioncannot engage with the glenoid and cannot cause dislocation.

No-one can tell precisely what one-third of the glenoid is. The image on the right shows a cartilage defect in the 4 o’clock position. Imaging the joint in the ABER position is helpful in increasing detection rates.

This was the very beginning of our serial studies of shoulder stability related to the glenoid and humeral head defects. Lesikn tears start at the 12 o’clock position where the biceps anchor is located, which tears the labrum off the glenoid.

Perthes lesion – Wikipedia

It should not be confused with Perthes disease of the hip. This means that MR-arthrography with leson arm in the neutral position may fail to detect the labral tear.


Perthes lesion A Perthes lesion is a labroligamentous avulsion like a Bankart, but with a medially stripped intact periosteum. A Perthes lesion is a labroligamentous avulsion like a Bankart, but with a medially stripped intact periosteum.

‘On-track’ and ‘off-track’ shoulder lesions

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Especially in younger patients this results in a Bankart fracture or a Bankart lesion which is a tear of the anteroinferior labrum.

The physiologic groove in the humerus or cysts and erosions at the homrbo site of the infraspinatus tendon can simulate a Hill-Sachs, but usually this is not a diagnostic problem figure. The stabilizing mechanism of the Latarjet procedure: Effect of an anterior glenoid defect on anterior shoulder stability: There are two bannkart to assess the risk of HSL.

However, if lesipn HSL is still off-track after the Latarjet procedure, either remplissage or bone graft to the HSL needs to be added to the Latarjet procedure. Figure 1 Figure 1. Case 7 Case 7. As soon as the muscle contraction occurs with the arm elevated, the contraction force by the shoulder muscles pulls the humeral head against the bbankart socket, which in turn creates a resistance force against translation of the humeral head.