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Unavailable for several years, Lost Christianity is a profound reexamination of the essence of Christian thought and faith. Philosopher and bestselling. A more recent book in the Gurdjieff tradition puts very clearly the implications of all this for Christianity. Lost Christianity by Jacob Needleman is. Needleman calls the element missing from Christianity (lost around the end of the Middle Ages, if not before) “”ontological love.”” This he.

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The book is in two parts. What was the shock that the carpenter from Nazareth brought to the world? In the state of prayer one is vulnerable.

Lost Christianity – Jacob Needleman – Google Books

Father Vincent is a Christian Master, who opens up to Needleman quite readily about his intensely mystical Inner Life. So if we take what Father Sylvan and Maurice Nicoll have said, we get an impression that what we think we know about Christianity loat be only a very simplistic and superficial understanding, maybe even a grossly distorted understanding. After a long and rather murky quest, a noted jaob expert on religion thinks he’s “”found it””; but readers may wonder.

See 1 question about Lost Christiantiy…. I resigned myself to admit christianitu the book was written for academics, philosophers and theologians. If we sit patiently with our earliest memories – unflinching, because the bad are mixed with the good – we may see some first results towards finding the answer. Why are so many people drawn to eastern traditions like Zen and yoga which are rooted in spiritual practice and experience? Needleman upon his death. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Lost Christianity : A Journey of Rediscovery

The men play until cnristianity A person’s literal level of understanding is not necessarily equal to grasping psychological meaning. Our speed and the constant bombardment of our media have done that quite handily, Thanks Very Much. Open Preview See a Problem? I just finished reading Lost Christianity by Jacob Needleman. And another quote from Father Sylvan: I am always nourished by the portraits of the three Christians. I read a dozen or so pages but decided to put it away for another time.

Professor Needleman’s writing is superb, with insightful DEEPLY insightful comments abounding in jxcob places, I flagged one or two sentences per paragraph, which is rare.

The central notion of the book is that the Christian church took a disastrous turn when it became influenced by the Platonists in the early centuries, that the Eastern Orthodox church, which went in a different direction, is more authentic and helpful.

Obedience and keeping a pure conscience toward both God and manyou will smooth for yourself a true and straight path to the third method of attention and prayer which is the following: The idea behind all sacred writing is to convey a higher meaning than the literal words contain, the truth of which must be seen by Man internally.

I recommend reading it in a group in order to flesh out the many consciousness altering ideas and “taste” the book more fully within community.

Needleman introduces us to three Christians in order to explore the question, “what is nneedleman heart of Christianity? He could not describe it. I found this book very stimulating, but not convincing.

He has a concentration and intuition that are more important than his lack of skills. Easier said than done most of us, believers and non-believers alike, have lamented. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Lost Christiantiy

Trivia About Lost Christiantiy. Refresh and try again.

All the things I had been afraid of—the needlleman, the danger of drowning, of falling; all my personal revulsions and resentments—and there were plenty of them—everything appeared before me also as a part of God. DoubledayJan 1, – Christianity – pages. The only “drawback” is that it is up to the reader to find the spiritual guidance necessary to maintain the Question, to develop the unity of purpose needed to realize the Christian gospel or any other wisdom teachings, for that matter.

There must be such a heart, and inner core. He could have reduced it to a 20 page pamphlet and said the same thing. A fresh and honest look at Christianity — a book that should be read multiple times as a meditation on life.

I know what it is! We get to follow him on his mind wandering internal dialogue– not fun.

This is the whole aim of asceticism: I failed to flow with his rambling stream of consciousness. Needleman does no such thing.

A first-rate top-class book, full of wisdom and heart. It is the attitude of someone who has done the same thing thousands of times, every day of his life.