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I defined the LSMW as below: This step will process all the correct data and will create a session if there is any data not process because of any error. 14 Run Hope this document would help to upload GL account quickly. Dear Gurus,I am using LSMW and Standard Batch. for uploading GL master – Method – Program – RFBISA00Program Type – BTill the . Not broken into much details but if you are familiar with LSMW Tool, this document will be handy for you to manage uploading General Ledger.

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This screen will come Press execute button to create a batch input folder. Automaticlly Maintain Source Fields will be selected. Automatically Maintain Structure Relations will be selected. Automatically Convert Mmaster will be selected.

GL master upload – RFBISA00

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Otherwise auto mapping feature can be used. Automatically Create Batch Input Session will be lsmq. The following screen is be displayed.


Maintain Object Attributes will be selected, press Execute button to proceed. Automatically Maintain Fixed Values will be selected.

Lsmw Steps for Uploading Gl Master Data in Sap | Tapas Banerjee –

Click on tick button. Press Save and back button. Press tick button and continue for next step. Automatically Maintain Field mapping and Conversion Rules will be selected. Press the tick button to continue. Remember me on this computer. Check the details and press back button two times. This will display all the data, user can check it and press back button to continue Double click on line item for confirmation of data to cata the details of each line.

Continue the same steps for other Fields as well. Log In Sign Up.

Skip to main content. Masher will confirm the data to be uploaded. Help Center Find new research papers in: Automatically Run Batch Input Session will be selected. Press Save and Back button to continue.

LSMW – GL Master Data Upload

Create Recordings and enter the name of the recording. Click default all button to show the data Click on Save button to save the data. Automatically Display Converted Data will be selected.


The dats of this activity can be saved to a spreadsheet as follows: Click here to sign up. This screen is used to upload the data.

Automatically Display Read Data will be selected. This screen will be displayed c. After the process is completed the above screen will be displayed. Automatically Read U;load will be selected.

Select the line item and click Process button to upload the GLs from the text file. This screen is not required to user can proceed to next screen of Specify Files. User can check the lsnw file for any information required. This screen comes after the execute button is clicked. All the GLs are successfully created.