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Taqī ad-Dīn Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah known as Ibn Taymiyyah for short, was a controversial . Al-Maqdisi later on, came to give Ibn Taymiyyah permission to issue Fatawa (legal verdicts) when he became a mufti at the age of . the Qur ‘an) called Al-`Aqidat al-Hamawiyat al-Kubra (The creed of the great people of Hama). [AUTHOR: Imam Taqi al-Din Ahmed Ibn Taymiyyah (d) | TAHQIQ Majmu’ al -Fatawa (Great Compilation of Fatwa) was collected centuries after his death. Fatawa al-Hamawiyah al-Kubra (sm) الفتوى الحموية الكبرى. | Arabic | Majmu’ Fatawa – Ibn Taymiyyah (37 in 20) مجموع فتاوي ابن تيمية. | Arabic |.

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Although it is sometimes supposed that Ibn Taymiyyah rejected the very idea of saintswhich had become a cardinal Sunni belief in the medieval period, [] [] [] scholarship has shown that this is not true. Fulfilling the duty of Jihad, and responding to the zl-kubra of the Lord. However, some recent scholarship has argued that attempts by Salafis and Jihadis to portray the figure of Ibn Taymiyyah as being a direct classical precursor of their own beliefs are flawed inasmuch as they are often borne, according to these same scholars, of a limited reading of the theologian’s substantial corpus of works, [13] many of which have not yet been translated from the original Arabic.

Page 19 Oh Muslims! Al-kkbra with valid excuses are absolved of the sin of sitting back from jihad. People are safe while they are in fear, and they have contributed the their very lifeblood.

Full text of “Islamic Books by Ibn Taymiyyah Maqdisi and Abdullah Azzam”

After his release in Damascus, the doubts regarding his creed seemed to have resolved but this was not the case. Ibn Taymiyyah called on the Muslims to Jihad once again and he also personally joined the eventual battle of Marj al-Saffar against the Mongol army.

By early Januarythe Mongol allies, the Armenians and Georgians, had caused widespread damage to Damascus and they had taken Syrian prisoners. Then move on with me to another regiment so that you can be convinced that there is nobody in it who knows how to perform the funeral prayer, on account of which they are forced to carry their martyr long distances in order to find somebody to pray over his body.


The correct interpretation, in our understanding, is that people have been ordered as a whole. Al-kkbra in the Arab Worldpg.

A person who discourages people from jihad is like the one who discourages people from fasting. It is He who has sent His messenger with the guidance and the true religion, in order that He may make it prevail over all religions, even if the pagans are averse. Matthews, Journal of the American Oriental Societyvolume 56pp. He wrote that, “It is in jihad that maj,u can live and die in ultimate happiness, both in this world and in al-fataa Hereafter.

Also, it is compulsory to go forth to meet the enemy without permission from parents or people to whom one is in ak-kubra. But if they first attack the Muslims then fighting them is even more urgent, as we have mentioned when dealing with the fighting against rebellious and aggressive bandits.

In Damascus, his father served as the director of the Sukkariyya madrasa, a place where Ibn Taymiyyah also received his early education. Dar as-Sunnah Publishers UK. We still have hope for the brothers who have not been able to escape from the cage al-ftaawa communal practice, and who have not shaken off the accumulations of custom; those who have not cast off from their shoulders the traditions of defeated generations due to a-fatawa of profound reality and before the evil, scheming onslaught of the Orientalists.

Whenever news of his death reached a region, the people would gather in the main mosques and prayer over him, especially in Sham, Egypt, Iraq, Tibreez and Basra.

Ibn Taymiyyah –

This is according to those who consider that Makkah was conquered by force. One of the greatest positive results was the books and papers he wrote and authored within prison.

Desires and effusive feelings for jihad must definitely take root in the soul to enable it to bear hardships, and to rear it upon difficulties and adversities. It is reported that none of the scholars said anything to the Khan except Ibn Taymiyyah who said:.

These youths, whose hearts are burning with a fire, spurting forth enthusiasm, and blazing with zeal that their pure blood may irrigate the earth of the Muslims.

According to our modest experience and knowledge, we believe that jihad in the present situation in Afghanistan is individually obligatory fard v aynwith one’s self and wealth as has been confirmed by the jurists majmi the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence, without any exception. It is particularly important for Muslims to acquaint themselves sl-fatawa the true state of affairs in Afghanistan before making unjustified, rash statements and accusations.


Whomever Allah guides none can lead astray, and whomever He leaves to stray, none can guide him aright.

These are examples of the jihad of Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah have mercy upon himand his unification of knowledge with action. Nor will it tc allow Good to rise in whatever safe, well-established ways that the latter follows, al-fatasa the very growth of Good is a risk to Evil.

The popular Jihad movement with its long path of effort, great sacrifice and serious losses, purifies souls so that they tower above the lower material world.

Ibn Taymiyyah

This is more obligatory and more strongly compulsory. Islamic Text Society,intro. We will pass through Afghanistan so that you can see for yourself an entire regiment in which not a al-kubea person among them who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an.

On open land, his janazah was placed down al-fatqwa his brother, ‘Abdur-Rahman, led prayer over him. Nor is there anybody who helps a Muslim in a situation where his honor is being disparaged and his respect is sl-kubra violated, except that Allah will help him in a position where he would like to be helped. Repentance – A Supplication. It will be no more than a repetition of the tragedy of Abdel Nasser with the Islamic Movement once again. The Age of Sacred Terror: He told of how these people used to spend the nights playing cards and listening to music, under the illusion that they were performing jihad to liberate Palestine.

Ibn Taymiyyah was noted for emphasis he put on the importance of jihad and for the “careful and lengthy attention” he gave “to the questions of martyrdom” in jihad, such as benefits and blessings to be had for msjmu in the afterlife.